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Sonobond to show Ultrasonic sewing machine at Las Vegas
Dec '13
Ultrasonic technology is increasingly being used as an assembly method for body armor – and the machine of choice for virtually every major manufacturer is Sonobond’s SeamMaster High Profile Ultrasonic Sewing Machine.

“One of the reasons behind the growing preference for ultrasonic assembly is the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) wet-conditioning standards that require ballistic vests

to be waterproof, even after submersion for 30 minutes,” explains Sonobond Vice President Melissa Alleman.

“More than 30 manufacturers now use Sonobond equipment because it reliably seals the outer nylon shell, protecting the ballistic-resistant material in side from the damaging effects of exposure to moisture.”

Sonobond will showcase its ultrasonic equipment for assembling body armor – including the SeamMaster High Profile Ultrasonic Sewing Machine – at the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show, in Las Vegas, January 14-17, 2014, at the Sands Expo Center. The company will share Booth #14679 with Brookwood Companies, whose specialty fabrics not only meet NIJ requirements, but also can be bonded by Sonobond’s equipment.

Ensuring Personal Protection Capability

Body armor is used for protection by law enforcement, military personnel, Secret Service agents, emergency responders and CIA and IRS employees. Over the years, the standards set by the NIJ to ensure personal protection capabilities have become more and more stringent.

“Since the bullet-proof materials – such as Spectra-Shield and Kevlar – contained in the vest lose their life-saving effectiveness when exposed to water, it’s absolutely critical that the seams in the outer nylon shell are perfectly fused,” says Alleman.

Ultrasonic bonding creates a strong molecular bond that’s impervious to moisture and eliminates stitch holes, glue gaps, fraying and unraveling, substantially reducing any risk of damage to the interior contents of the vest.

Ultrasonic Equipment for Body Armor Assembly

The versatile SeamMaster High Profile Ultrasonic Sewing Machine is ideal for sealing the exterior nylon shell of body armor systems. Its rotary system bonds and trims synthetic materials in one quick step and its large, high-clearance wheel provides easy access for bulky materials and hand-guided operations. The machine is up to four times faster than conventional sewing machines and 10 times faster than adhesive methods.

It has the added advantage of resembling a sewing machine and being easy to operate with only minimal training. The machine also is available as a modular unit that can be integrated into production lines.

“According to some of our customers, their production output levels have increased more than 25 percent since switching from conventional sewing or adhesive machines to ultrasonic assembly,” says Alleman.

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