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The Smart Assisted Driving concept of ERT Têxtil Portugal

Oct '12
ERT Têxtil Portugal, SA is located in São João da Madeira - Portugal and produces technical textiles applied to competitive markets, oriented to modern and urban lifestyles. Mobility and consume are the strategic markets, but the company's core business is the automotive sector where ERT is leader in Portugal.

The great reference of ERT is its technological modernization, based on laminating processes by hot and cold techniques, but also textile and leather cutting technology, sewing capacity for door panels, armrests and seats, and HF or embossing for finishing/visual effects.

The company has got a firm experience on textiles for automotive seats, hence that experience and know-how is also applied to the railway, nautical and aircraft markets ERT is a Portuguese multinational which has invested on the internationalization, in order to expand abroad parts of its value chain, getting closer to large clients, but also the OEM decision centres. Besides Portugal, the company has got industrial activity in Romania since 2006 and a logistic platform in Poland since 2012, keeping ERT decision centers in São João da Madeira – Portugal.

The automotive sector is crucial for the company's growing policy, because is considered a leader sector when referring to the integration of advanced technology. Therefore the company has settled as a priority to invest on innovation guidelines that provide rising on the innovation and supply value chain.

At IZB - International Suppliers Fair, ERT showed at the Portuguese Pavilion the Smart Assisted Driving concept. This is the VW suppliers fair and the showcase for ERT to exhibit its first project in this field, based on the combination of smart materials and technologies, which allow accessing to intelligent information (smart fabric, smart phone, smart information).

This project has been developed in cooperation with WeAreMateria, a start-up based on the creative platform called Fábrica Asa in Guimarães - Portugal, with the mission to provide opportunities of business optimization to its partners, creating value through the use of emerging technologies and innovative means which have its origin in creativity and innovation.

The Smart Assisted Driving concept of ERT which is defined around the human-automotive interface is part of an innovation guide line where, besides the driver, the passengers are as well on the focus of innovation, which concerns about entertainment and access to better information.

ERT Têxtil Portugal SA

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