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Today's textile is only technical textiles

Jan '12
The history of conventional textiles in our country has its own culture and heritage, but consumer textiles are becoming more and more competitive and facing tough competition in exports from China and other neighboring countries. Obviously, many companies producing conventional textiles have to continuously struggle to survive in a highly competitive global market. Now, the time is that traditional textile entrepreneurs should move into the lucrative field of technical textiles, while retaining their traditional textile business.

With this background, textile manufacturers need to consider some emerging factors and redefine their strategies for production and marketing. Technical textiles have been slowly but steadily gaining ground due to one or more reasons such as functional requirement, health and safety, cost effectiveness, durability, high strength, lightweight, versatility, customization, user friendliness, eco-friendliness, logistical convenience, etc.

Technical textile is equally an important emerging area for investment in India. At present, in India the domestic demand for technical textile products are met by imports. While in developed countries the demand for technical textile has reached a maturity level and thus it is aggressively shifting to developing countries, like India which is one of the potential growing markets for technical textiles. Thus, technical textiles on one hand owes competitive strength and pressure and on other side provides tremendous commercial opportunities open to local market and around the world.

Non-woven textiles, within the overall technical textiles are expected to grow globally at an average 8%, while India's nonwoven consumption is predicted at 13-15% per annum in the coming two decades.

Also, Government of India has backed the promotion and growth of technical textiles in the country. Government has initiated many schemes as under to support the sector:

• Encouraging new investments in this sector under TUFS, with higher capital subsidy.
• Government of Gujarat providing additional 10% capital subsidy on TUFS for technical textile machinery
• Government has identified four important sectors within the technical textile industry and allocated respective TRA's as “Center of Excellence” for these sectors: MEDTECH : SITRA, GEOTECH : BITRA, AGROTECH: SASMIRA, PROTECH: NITRA
• SEZ policy and the facilities offered by Government
• Increasing cotton output in India
• Increasing health awareness and growing infrastructure facilities

A.T.E. - The total solution provider

A.T.E. has formidable presence in textile engineering from last seven decades and offers complete solution from fibre to garment as well as in contemporary areas like technical textiles and nonwovens. In line with its tradition, A.T.E. represents various world-class machinery manufacturers to offer state-of-the-art technology for manufacturing various nonwoven products. Some of the technologies represented by A.T.E. are

Trutzschler - opening, and carding ; Erko Trutzschler - opening, and needle punching ; Fleissner - spunlace systems, drying, finishing, thermo bonding, etc.; Gavazzi – stamping press, hydro extractor, cake opener, dryer, and bailing press ; Fong's - bleaching range ; Andritz Kuesters – calenders; Bastian - Winders ; Falu and Bouda - conversion and packing machines ; Canalair - humidification systems.

In order to meet and cater to increasing demands in this sector, A.T.E. is in a position to offer machinery for setting up of complete nonwoven and technical textile plants.

A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited

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