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Toray Industries making additions to Livmoa

Jan '21
Pic: Livmoa Toray
Pic: Livmoa Toray
Toray Industries is expanding its Livmoa range of single-use protective clothing - it is introducing versions for high-pressure water applications and cleanrooms. In January, it will unveil the Livmoa4000 for high-pressure water applications while in February it will bring out an upgraded version of Livmoa CL sterilised clothing for cleanrooms.

The introductions will be in Japan, with the two new offerings becoming available overseas later. Livmoa range of single-use protective clothing is both user friendly and comfortable.

Livmoa4000 is breathable and complies with the JIS Type 5 and 6 standards for chemical protective clothing. It employs a proprietary SMS (spunbond + meltblown + spunbond) nonwoven fabric. The clothing thus protects wearers from dust and can also withstand a water pressure of 1,000mm H2O, which is hard to achieve with regular SMS fabric. The meltblown layer keeps dust and water out while delivering an air permeability of around 10 cc/cm2/sec. Toray is building a stable product supply system by manufacturing the fabric at its plant in Japan.

Livmoa4000 can be worn where water resistance is necessary, such as at waste disposal sites. Such locations are essentially off-limits to Livmoa2000 and 3000 clothing, which are also breathable. Participants in a testing programme rated Livmoa 4000 very highly for its exceptional comfort and soft fabric.

Toray upgraded LivmoaCL based on feedback from users at public research and academic institutions. This was originally launched in 2019 under the supervision of the Research and Development Centre for Cell Therapy of the Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation at Kobe. The company enhanced usability in several respects. It integrated the mask cover to improve wearability, optimised the hood opening for a better fit with goggles, and slimmed the sleeves and legs to improve mobility.

The company has expanded the Livmoa series since bringing out the high-breathability Livmoa3000 in 2017 to cater to different work environments. The Livmoa5000, for example, has helped prevent recurrences of Ebola infections in the Republic of Guinea. Toray released the LivmoaCL for cleanrooms. The new Livmoa4000 and upgraded LivmoaCL make it possible for even more workplaces to take advantage of the safety and comfort of the Livmoa series.

One priority of Project AP-G 2022, Toray’s medium-term management programme, is to push ahead with the Life Innovation Business Expansion Project. That undertaking aims to help boost the quality of healthcare and reduce burdens on medical institutions, improve health and longevity, and enhance safety. The company will accelerate Livmoa series development in Japan and overseas and drive further progress with protective clothing safety and comfort.

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