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Anti-Bacterial Assessment of Bamboo-Cotton Fiber Blended Textiles
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Anti-Bacterial Assessment of Bamboo-Cotton Fiber Blended Textiles

Written by: Vandana Sharma



Thepresent study was conducted in GBPUAT, Pantnagar to find out the raw materialsand articles used for existing medical textiles and evaluation of theirphysical properties. Subsequently, pure and blended bamboo-cotton fabrics weredeveloped to prepare different protective and healthcare articles. To fulfillthe above objectives, survey of hospitals was done. Further, best qualitybamboo and cotton fibers was taken from the market,pure and blended bamboo-cotton yarns and fabrics were developed on existingyarn and fabric construction parameters presently used for making protectiveand healthcare textiles. Then finally, devolved fabrics were tested for differentphysical and anti-bacterial properties. Thus, the findings of the presentresearch study concluded that pure and blended bamboo-cotton protective andhealthcare textiles possess excellent anti-bacterial and can fetch good premiumprice in both domestic and global market as now a days customers are givingmore importance to health and hygiene.


MedicalTextiles are the products and constructions used for medical and biologicalapplications and are used primarily for first aid, clinical and hygienicpurposes.

The consumption of Medical Textiles worldwidewas 1.5 million tons in 2000 and is growing at an annual rate of 4.6%. TheIndian market size of medical textiles was estimated to be INR 23.3 billion in2007-08 and is expected to grow at a rate of 20% per annum.

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About the Author:

Vandana Sharma is an AssistantProfessor at the Department of Textile Design at NIFT Gandhinagar.


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