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Garments Having Functional & Fashion Aspects
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Garments Having Functional & Fashion Aspects

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Oneof the defining trends of the retail apparel chain over the few years has beenthe consistent decline in average retail prices. This trend can be explained bythe phenomenal growth of the mass-merchant channel, which has gained share atthe expense of department and national and international chain stores.Interestingly, another trend has also emerged on the consumer side of themarket i.e. the value addition. To win over apparel consumers, manufacturers,brands and retailers are struggling hard to identify product value.Traditionally, value is been defined as a function of price and quality.However, todays consumers are redefining value to include multiple benefitsprovided by the apparel.


Intodays Polymer materials, which may not be easily formulated into a resin or apaste for coating, can be combined with a fabric by first preparing a film ofthe polymer, and then laminating it to the fabric in a separate process. Thereare various techniques and several different types of adhesive and machineryused in the lamination process. It is generally relatively simple to produce astrong enough bond; the challenge is to preserve the original properties of thefabric and to produce a flexible laminate with the required appearance, handleand durability.

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Mr.Sushil Kumar Hada is the GM at Birla Cellulose - Grasim Industry Ltd. - TextileResearch and Application Development Centre (TRADC)

Mr. Mitesh S. Shah is anEngineer at Birla Cellulose - Grasim Industry Ltd - Textile Research andApplication Development Centre (TRADC). Birla Cellulose -Grasim Industry Ltd.is the largest producer of regenerated cellulose fiber in the world.

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