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Important fibres of technical textile industry - Part 2

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In our former article entitled 'Important fibres of technical textile industry - Part 1' , we discussed about five fibres Polyethylene, Polyester, Nylon, Carbon and Polypropylene. In this article we would be covering other five major fibres of technical textile industry. The properties, application and leading manufacturers are also covered.


These fibres are listed below.


1.            Glass fibre

2.            Viscose fibre

3.            Acrylic fibre

4.            Protein fibre

5.            Metal fibre


Glass Fibre




Glass fibre is obtained from the fine fibres of the glass. Fibre glass is formed from fine silica strands. Glass itself is a crystalline solid. Basically glass fibre is a polymer. The common properties of glass fibre are as follows.



  • High strength
  • Non flammable
  • Relatively insensitive to moisture
  • Good electrical insulation
  • High production rates
  • Relatively low density
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Relatively low fatigue resistance
  • Good strength properties in various conditions
  • Relatively low density
  • Low modulus
  • Good electrical resistance
  • Low cost


Application of Glass fibre

  • Reinforcement material in polymer matrix composites
  • Laminate structures can be used in storage tanks
  • Woven fabrics are used in production of surfboards, composite panels and other similar devices
  • Useful for good thermal insulation


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Manufacturers of Glass fibre

  • Saint-Gobain Vertex, s.r.o.
  • Nippon Electric Glass Trading Co., Ltd.
  • Central Glass Co., Ltd.
  • Texas Fiberglass Group
  • Snoma Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.


Viscose fibre




Viscose rayon is a cellulosic fibre, which is manufactured by regeneration. It is neither a synthetic fibre nor a natural fibre fully because it is obtained from naturally occurring polymers.



  • Viscose has silk like feel and drape
  • It retains its colors
  • It has cellulosic base so it has many properties like cotton and natural cellulosic fibre
  • Moisture absorbent
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Breathable
  • Easily dyed in vivid colors
  • It does not build up static electricity
  • Moderate dry strength and abrasion resistance


Application of Viscose fibre

  • Apparel uses like jackets, dresses etc.
  • Industry uses like tire cord
  • Medical surgery products
  • Furnishings like upholstery, bed spreads etc.


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Manufacturers of Viscose fibre

  • Birla Viscose International
  • Lenzing Technik GmbH
  • Celanese Acetate LLC
  • Denish Fabrics
  • Shanghai Tenbro Bamboo Textile Co. Ltd.





Acrylic fibre




Acrylic fibre is a synthetic fibre, which is made from polymer. Methyl acrylate and vinyl acetate are comonomers of acrylic fibre. This polymer is obtained by free radical polymerization. Acrylic fibre has wool like feeling and it is light weight, warm and soft.



  • Resistant to moths, chemicals and oils
  • Resistant to deterioration from sunlight exposure
  • It dyes well
  • Has excellent colorfastness
  • It retains its shape
  • Resists wrinkles and shrinkage
  • Quick dry and easy care
  • Very good heat retention
  • Durability and quick dry qualities
  • Quick water transport and weather resistant


Application of Acrylic fibre

  • Use in the knitwear section
  • In sportswear
  • In industry and apparel
  • Hygienic, barrier cloth and bactericidal
  • Domestic textiles
  • Cement reinforcement
  • Producer dyed fabrics
  • Carpets


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Manufacturers of Acrylic fibre

  • Thai Acrylic Fibre Company Limited, Thailand  
  • Pasupati Acrylon Limited
  • Dralon GmbH
  • Sinopec shanghai Petrochemical Company Limited
  • Polyacryl Trading Company (PTC)





Protein fibre




Protein fibre is available in chitin and chitosan form. It has a chemical structure which is very similar to rayon. Chittin/chitosan is natural polysaccharide produced biologically by the living organisms on the earth. It is white porous polysaccharide. It is safe material to use and widely used in the different applications.




  • Antimicrobial activity (Inhibits bacterial growth)
  • Flocculation (Purifies waste waters)
  • Salt adsorption (Lowers high blood pressure)
  • Hemostatic action (bleeding easily stopped)
  • Heavy metal adsorption (Adsorbs and removes radioactive substances)
  • Cell activation (Promotes Iysozyme secretion)
  • Slow releasing action (permits slow and steady release of medicines)
  • Immunization (enhances immunity of body against diseases)
  • Lowering of cholesterol (catches cholesterol and lowers its level)
  • Biodegradation (being organic material it is degraded by microorganisms)
  • Acceleration of skin tissue regeneration (thin non woven fabric is applied to burns)
  • Oil absorption inhibition (helps to remove excess fat from body)
  • Body activation (helps in wound healing)


Application of Protein fibre


              Gymnastic uniform like sweats, t-shirts and shirts, polo shirts, blouse, cardigan

              House interior like pillow cover and bedcover

              Sports wear like uniform of baseball team, underwear for judo, wristband, socks with five toes

              Underwear like bikini, lingerie and mens brief

              Outer wear like blankets


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Manufacturers of Protein fibre


  • Harvest SPF Textile Co., Ltd
  • ShangHai Winshow Soybean Fibre Industry Co.,Ltd
  • Euroflax Industries Ltd.
  • Salts Organic Clothing
  • Jiangyin Changlong Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.


Metal fibre




Metallic fibre is used in all kinds of clothes from everyday wear to party wear and evening wear. Metallic fibre is commonly used in upholestry. Basic types of metallic yarns are co-creating metallic yarns, m-type metallic yarn, mh-type metallic yarn, mx-type metallic yarn, s-type metallic yarn and st-type metallic yarn.



  • Good thermal and electrical conduction
  • Wear resistance and corrosion
  • Elastic module and high intensity
  • Protection from magnetism and static and radiation
  • Better shield effect


Application of Metal fibre

  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Petrochemistry
  • Environmental protection
  • Automobile safe gasbag
  • Shield dress of protection from magnetism
  • Bulletproof vests
  • Anti-fake material
  • Dust proof ultra clean clothes


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Manufacturers of Metal fibre

  • Rando Machine Corporation
  • Rainbow Gallery
  • Western metal materials co ltd.
  • Unitika Ltd.,
  • Koolon Fiber Tech. Co.



Bannawach Bio-Line Co.,Ltd.



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