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Knitted Spacer Fabric - Manufacturing Techniques and Application
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Knitted Spacer Fabric - Manufacturing Techniques and Application

Written by: Palash Paul & D P Gon


Spacerfabrics are 3D fabrics that comprise of two outer textile substrates that arejoined together and kept apart by an insert of spacer yarns, mostlymonofilaments. This creates a ventilated layer of air, allowing heat andmoisture to escape. One reason for development of spacer fabrics was an attemptto replace toxic, laminated-layer foam with a single, synthetic fibre typefabric, thus facilitating future re-cycling. An important advantage is the lowweight in proportion to the large volume. The application areas of spacerfabric are unlimited ranging from healthcare, safety, military, automotive,aviation and fashion. Currently it is being largely used for functionalclothing comprising sports shoes, bra cups, shoulder pads, knee and elbow protectorsetc.This paper deals with the manufacturing and applications ofspacer fabrics and the developments in this field.


Asthe textile complex is faced with increasing competition, innovation andspecialization have been employed by many machinery and product manufacturersto create a niche in the marketplace. In an effort to compete and appeal to theend-use market, products that go beyond the current range of performance andstyle have been developed.

Throughcontinuous improvement of both the technology and the produced fabric quality,both warp and weft machines are now capable of producing spacer fabrics to thevery highest standard of quality for a wide range of applications. Using newpossibilities and improved machine technology, spacer fabrics have alreadybecome an established feature of many of the fabric collections presented byour international customer base.

As far astechnical textile is concerned, current tendency of the market to becomesaturated, and in the light of fierce international competition in theclothing, home and household textile markets, the textile industry is becomingincreasingly interested in new technologies. Knitted spacer fabric represents aspecial product group within this sector because of their excellent crushresistance, breathability, and 3D appearance.

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The authors are associated with Department of Textile Technology, PanipatInstitute of Engineering & Technology, Pattikalyana, Samalkha, Panipat.

Image Courtesy: 3d-mattress.com

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