Glow yarn for special effect textiles

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Fairy tales consist of a fantasyworld filled with elves, witches and glowing fairies that emit light. Now,researchers have given us an opportunity to sparkle like fairies by wearingilluminating apparels. Researchers from the Manchester University of U.K havedeveloped a new kind of yarn that will glow in the dark. It has lightabsorbing, storing and emitting abilities. One can light up room by justwalking in.



Glow yarn is developed by mixingextruding polyester chips with photo luminescent pigments. It consists of an innerconductive core yarn coated with an electroluminescent ink that emits light inthe dark. This is encapsulated inside a transparent insulation with holes init. The whole substance is wrapped by a layer of yarn. Power from a battery isapplied, and flows through the yarn and ink, creating an electric field,causing the fabric to glow. When the yarn gets power from the inverter, theresultant electric field between the inner and outer conductor causes theelectroluminescent coating to emit light. This substance infused in the fibreallows it to glow for hours once charged. The center part of the filament isseparated which facilitates contact between the inner and the outer conductivecore yarn, thereby making the yarn to emit light uniformly.


Basic color of this yarn is off-whiteand glows fluorescent green in the dark. They are available in various othercolors as well, pink emits a white glow, light green gives a shocking greeneffect, purple has a light blue effect etc. This fibre is non-toxic andharmless. It can be machine washed and dried. It has high luminosity,resistance towards weather conditions, and can withstand water and chemicaltreatments. It possesses deodorization activity, bacterial resistance, and emissiveof far-infrared rays. Glow yarns can be used creatively in many applications. Itcan be used for making head bands, shoe lace, strings and straps, add glowingstars in a blanket, or add scary ghosts for a pretty Halloween costume. Thiswill make safe clothes for cyclists, joggers, and pedestrians at night. Untilnow, the clothes cyclists and pedestrians wear depends highly on externallight. They absorb and emit light immediately. But on an unlit and dark road,it will be difficult to locate them. This fabric can be continuously seen evenin the dark.


Latest inventions andtechnologies play an integral part in the textile industry. The glow yarn isanother example for the innovativeness of textile researchers. This would be afascinating addition to a seamstresss box.











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