Fitness apparels to monitor heart beats

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The science of clothing hasevolved drastically. Innovations in the field of textiles are now way ahead. Aniche in the field of elite sports wear is apparels that have entered our livesand will monitor our heart beats and other vital signs. Apparels are manufacturedwith textile based electrodes to receive biophysiological signals from theuser. Textronics Inc, has developed a textile based electrode system consistingof a sensor that can be incorporated into garments to monitor the users heartrate, ECG, and other body activities. The company has introduced a line ofgarments through its brand name NuMetrex Fitness Apparels including Heartsensing sports bra, Heart sensing racer tank and Cardio shirt for men. TextronicsInc is awarded the patent for its textile-based electrode system by the U.S.Patent & Trademark Office.


These garments are made fromspecial conductive sensing fibres integrated into the chest area of the shirtor sports bra. This conductive fabric moves with the body and is completelystretchable. These sensors are woven into the fabric and collect informationabout the respiration, heart rate, and core temperature, and sends it to acompatible wristwatch through a small GPRS embedded transmitter that isattached to a pocket in the garment. NuMetrex system is compatible with most ofthe analog heart rate monitor watches like Polar, Nike Reebok, OregonScientific, Highfear, New Balance, Accumen, and also with gym treadmills andelliptical machines.



Heart Sensing Racer Tank: Thisapparel features a special bra with sensing fibres that are knit directly intothe fabric and monitors the wearers heart rate. A small transmitter slippedinto the pocket in the bra sends data to a monitor. This is a compatible tankwith the sensor included in an invisible method. It is made with a quick dryingnylon Lycra material. It includes a specific heart beat monitor with caloriecounter and gives immediate feedback.


They are priced between $50 to$59 USD. These garments are believed to be a positive replacement over cheststraps which may slip, irritate the body, or become loose while at use. Peoplewith heart problems, those who are undergoing rehabilitation, those who requireconstant monitoring and people with problems like sleep apnoea will be mostbenefited out of this. This can also be used by athletes, basketball playersand the bionic woman. These competent and comfortable garments are washable andreusable.







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