Power your mp3 Player through your Fabric!

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How would you like to power your mp3 player or cellphone through your apparel?

New age cotton threads have come up with many novelinventions that one cannot visualize. Just imagine if your apparel can poweryour cell phones or mp3 players! Amazing isnt it? Scientists have now inventeda fabric that can conduct electricity, and can also be made into light. Thisfabric contains simple cotton threads that are coated with the magical wonder. Conductivecotton threads are used in place of conventional wires. These cotton threadsare encrusted with a layer of semiconductor polymers and nano particles. Thiscoating enables the thread to conduct electricity just like metal wires.Comfortable clothing!

Tiny solar cells are embedded in this fabric. During the daytime these solar cells collect energy and store it in a device that isidentical to a battery. The conductive thread is woven through the fabric whichis used to make the garment, and is attached with the battery. Power for thisthread is discharged through a USB device. The thread contains a simple knotthat completes the circuit from energy storage to discharge. The thread will bea natural fibre and not a synthetic one. Simple knots in this thread arecapable enough to complete a circuit. This charger will be capable enough topower a cell phone or an mp3 player.

Earlier technologies in the same field resulted in bringingconductivity to the fabric, but the fabric became very heavy and rigid. Butthis novel technology allows the cotton thread to remain flexible, andcomfortable. Processing, weaving, and knitting the fabrics becomes an easyprocess. Thus it has outwitted the discomforts that prevailed in the earlierinventions.

The scientists behind this amazing invention assert that itis impossible to distinguish between an ordinary cotton thread and theconductive thread. They can twist, bend and drape in the same way just like anyother ordinary fabric. The wearer will also feel the same. The pliability ofthe fabric enables it to be cut and sewn into a garment in a sewing machinelike any other fabric. This invention has potential applications in the makingof shoes, curtains, carpets and beddings. The sensors will become a main partof the fabric. This fabric offers a potential market in the textile segment asit does not have any foreign particle attached with the fabric, and will be apart of the fabric.

Further researches are now undertaken so as to ensure thatthis conductive thread can also monitor our body functions. If successful, thisfabric can monitor heart beat and breathing, analyze the wearers sweat, andeven cool the person off on a hot summer day. This can soon be a reality, andmyriad applications can be achieved.


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