Activated Carbon

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Activatedcharcoal powder is a form of carbon that has been processed to make itextremely porous and thus to have very large surface area available foradsorption or chemical reaction. It has high degree of micro-porosity and widerapplication in many fields. A surgical mask is intend to be worn by healthprofessionals during surgery and other times to catch the bacteria shed inliquid droplets and aerosols from the wearers mouth and nose. So in order toincrease the absorption we have incorporated activated charcoal powder indisposable surgical mask and proposed to test for performance using pulsedosimeter and bacteria growth. The sock we wear need to be hygienic in order toavoid bacterial growth and foul odour from our feet and from our shoes after wearingthe socks. Therefore, we have incorporated sock with activated charcoal powderand above problem has been overcame. The bacterial growth will be tested withantimicrobial test method and odour by response method.

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