Disposable Nonwoven for Medical Application

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Protection from infection is a major concern for the patient and health care professional.

The disposable nonwovens used in surgical environment possess barrier protection from fluid, particulate and microorganism to reduce the chance of cross infection. Surgical gowns should be breathable so it provides physical comfort.

General surgical operation shows that there has significant reduction in the post operative infection rate when disposable gown and drapes were used. Disposable product also reduce the chance of wound infection in develop country like USA, where 80 % of surgical clothing are of single use. These disposable nonwoven are usually used in the form of composite and they are sterile, soft, antibacterial, and liquid repellent as well as liquid absorbent. For medical end use, nonwoven can be mad of natural fiber like cotton, linen, and wood pulp and from manmade material as polypropylene, polyester, nylon, polyethylene, glass and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). New biopolymer as PLA and others are also used to produce biodegradable product.

Today's different surgical gowns are designed to handle different surgeries the cost of gowns varies with the amount of protection afforded. Disposable gowns offer benefits that hospital can dispose the contaminated textile quickly. Proper fit of gowns more effectively repeal the dangerous infection. It must allow the necessary mobility without rubbing and must resist tearing and linting.

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This article was originally published in the Textile Review magazine, September, 2012, published by Saket Projects Limited, Ahmedabad.

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Abhishek is associated with D.K.T.E.S. Textile & Engineering Institute, Ichalkaranji