Upcoming Opportunities for the Hometech Textiles Industry in India

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Though the textiles Industry fulfill thephysiological needs of mankind, the Technicaltextile fulfills the high
requirements (mechanical, thermal, electrical,durability...) giving products the ability to offer technical functions.Technical textiles are understood as textile materials and products used fortechnical performance and functional properties and are not only concerned totraditional or decorative characteristics, rather than their aesthetic ordecorative characteristics. Some terms which are often used in place oftechnical textile are industrial textiles, functional textiles, performancetextiles, engineering textiles, invisible textiles and hi-tech textiles.

Technical textilesinclude Agrotech  (Agro-textiles), Buildtech (Construction Textiles),Clothtech (Clothing Textiles), Geotech  (Geo-textiles), Hometech (DomesticTextiles), Indutech (Industrial Textiles), Meditech(Medical textiles), Mobiltech(Textiles used in transport), Ecotech (Environmentally-friendly textiles), Packtech(Packaging textiles), Protech (Protective textiles) Sporttech (Sportstextiles). Technical textiles have attracted considerable attention. The use offibers, yarns and fabrics for applications other than clothing and furnishingis not a new phenomenon.

Out of all above, the market for Hometech is gaining prominenceand is significantly expanding as the products are being put to anever-increasing number of end uses. Inaddition, there are several growth drivers for Hometech products.

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Dr.Asiya Chaudhary is an AssistantProfessor at the Department of Commerce, Aligarh Muslim University in Aligarh,India

Ms. Nazneen Shahid is a Research Scholar at the Department of Commerce,Aligarh Muslim University in Aligarh, India