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Silver Based Anti-Microbial Finishing on Cotton
Aravin Prince. P

The benefits to science and society from Nanotechnology are substantial. If the criterion is to produce very minute particle size fibres and materials the nano-technology is the only way to achieve the same. This article elucidates about the silver based anti microbial finishing on cotton fabric

Plasma Technology Applications in Textile Networking

Plasma technology, with a juxtaposition of other supplementing technologies helps in providing benefits to mankind. Textile industry is always searching for innovative techniques to enhance fabric qualities and increase its functional aspects. Researches in this field have opened new windows for the manufacturing of eco friendly, and special performance fabrics to contribute to the...

Reflective materials
Micah Holland

The Application of Reflective Materials in Apparel It has always been a rule to wear white during early morning walks or evening jogs to keep us visible to oncoming traffic. But technology now

Self- illuminated safety jackets
Dr. M. L. Gulrajani

Currently the world over, safety jackets being used are mainly reflective type of jackets that have a very high visibility when light falls on them. These are used by professional who are required to work in conditions of low visibility. These jackets however fail to deliver their functionality

Waste minimization: Pollution control at source
New Cloth Market

Waste is a common problem throughout the companies comprising the chemical process industries as well as textile industry also. It is especially a concern to these who manage solid waste, wastewater systems, and hazardous waste or air pollution control devices - typically systems for handling 'end-of-the-pipe' wastes

Study of repellent finish of filtration ability of surgical face masks
Hongqing Shen, Karen K. Leonas

A surgical face mask is an important medical device used to protect both surgical patients and operating room personnel from the transfer of microorganisms, body fluids and particulate material. In this research, the effect of repellent finish on filtration ability of surgical face masks was studied. In determining the filtration ability of surgical face masks, a technique using

Eco-friendly textile processing
New Cloth Market

More and more textile enterprises are optimizing their corporate social responsibility (CSR) codes by producing green textiles Among other chemical companies, DuPont is one providing an example of a successful CSR firm. It used to rely heavily on fossil fuels to make paint, plastics and polymers. In the 1990s, renowned for its R&D that created products such as

Fire retardant fabrics

Among all fire hazards, textiles getting burnt are more due to its widespread use. Majority of fire accidents are associated with the burning of textiles. Cellulosics that is commonly used in garments are comfortable, but are more prone to inflammability. The weight and weave of the fabrics also decides its inflammability. Heavy and tight woven fabrics burn slowly than loosely

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