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Textiles Used In Modern Wound Care Products
Medical textiles

Textiles Used In Modern Wound Care Products

Written by: Chinchwade S. S. & Landage S.M.

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Medical textiles are one of major growth areas within technical textile & use textile materials for medical & health care products ranges from bandage materials to scaffolds tissue culturing & large variety of theses for permanent body implants. It will be stressed that one of high tech of medical textile is application of bandages for enhancing quality of life. The use of textile fibres in medical application is becoming very popular.

An important growing field of the textile industry is the medical and related health care and hygiene sector. The application of textiles in the medical field is huge and diverse, ranging from single thread suture to the complex composite structure for bone replacement, and from the simple cleaning wipe to advanced barrier fabrics, used in operation theatres. Textile materials and products that are engineered to meet particular needs are suitable for medical applications, where a combination of strength, flexibility and sometimes moisture and air permeability are required.

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