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Viloft nonwoven: "Route to flushability"
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Viloft nonwoven: "Route to flushability"

Written by: Stefan Sulzmaier


Greater consumer awareness and stricter regulations from local governmental bodies and the European Union has forced the nonwoven industry to rethink the strategy for products that are likely to be disposed of in waste water systems. Currently most products contain a high level of non-biodegradeable material and do not break up when flushed in the toilet. This means that those products are either held back in the screens of the sewage farms and have subsequently to be disposed of in solid waste streams or if they pass the screens remain in the slurry of the sewage farms and do not degrade and hence could lead to reduced useability of the slurry as fertiliser.

With this in mind some industry organisations are developing standards to define the term Flushability. Also some large Brands have decided to capitalise on this by approaching the market pro-actively with products that are "greener, i.e. show greater environmental responsibility.

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About the Author:

Stefan Sulzmaier is a Business Manager in Kelheim Fibres GmbH, Germany.

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