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Cellulose Fibres Conference-2024

Cellulose Fibres Conference-2024

The Cellulose Fibres Conference 2024 will cover the entire value chain, from lignocellulose, chemical pulp, cellulose fibres such as rayon, viscose, modal or lyocell and new developments to a wide range of applications: Textiles of all kinds, nonwovens such as wet wipes as well as new areas such as composites, packaging or nanocellulose in the food industry. The conference will give deep insights into the promising future of cellulose fibres, which perfectly fits the current trends of circular economy, recycling and sustainable carbon cycles. Topics of the conference:- Strategies, Policy Framework of Textiles and Market Trends New Opportunities for Cellulose Fibres in Replacing Plastics Sustainability & Environmental Impacts Circular Economy and Recyclability of Fibres Alternative Feedstocks and Supply Chains New Technologies for Pulps, Fibres and Yarns New Technologies and Applications beyond Textiles
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