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Elementary Nonwovens Training Course 2019

Elementary Nonwovens Training Course 2019

With a focus toward professionals who are new to nonwovens, this 1.5-day course provides a platform for industry newcomers to recognize and appreciate the diversity of nonwovens and engineered materials. Participants learn the basics about nonwovens in simple, clear, concise language. The course reviews the basic nomenclature, production processes, fabric attributes, market uses and trends to understand products made with nonwovens and engineered materials and their marketplace. Led by an industry and nonwoven expert, the Elementary Nonwovens Training Course uses personal instruction, visual aids, industry samples, and plant production videos to teach the essentials. The course includes fiber information, production methods, nonwoven attributes and comparisons, the value of finishes, world trends, and outlooks.
1100 Crescent Green Drive,, Suite 115,,

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