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The European Wipes Market Outlook - 2023

The European Wipes Market Outlook - 2023

7th Jun, 2023 to 7th Jun, 2023
Online, - , Netherlands
Key professionals from across the global nonwovens industry will come together for GO Wipes first online workshop hosted by world-renowned expert Phillip Mango on 7th June 2023. GO Wipes is the only event in Europe dedicated to wipes built through research conducted directly with the industry. The organisers Smithers alongside Phillip Mango have put together a comprehensive wipes market workshop. Topics covered include the market shocks of 20-22 inc.Covid-19, Russia invasion of Ukraine and the resulting disruptive increases in transportation and energy costs as well as potentially permanent damage to key markets like the European food service industry and any markets in Russia or Ukraine, are finally being accounted for as the nonwovens wipes industry responds to the new normal. The years 20-22 were years of transition from surges and purges in 2020, the pandemic year to recovery and corrections in 21-22.The year 2023 may be the year that defines the new “normal” for the European (and even global) nonwoven wipes market. As such, 2023 may very well preview this market for the next several years.
121 S. Main Street, Suite 300, Akron

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