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GO Wipes Europe - December 2023

GO Wipes Europe - December 2023

4th Dec, 2023 to 5th Dec, 2023
Berlin, Germany
Go wipes market is seeing significant growth throughout Europe and the rest of the World. This is owed, in part, to the many types of wipes which may have been seen as a luxury are today considered to be a necessity. Plus new processes, an increased appetite for biodegradable and sustainable materials and innovation in fields such as flushable wipes are all driving growth in the market. Why attend GO Wipes Europe? The conference brings together Smithers years of expertise in business intelligence, extensive event experience and neutrality that will help expand your knowledge on: Market trends in baby, personal care, homecare and industrial wipes Innovations in raw materials and process technologies Developments in sustainability and bio-based possibilities Chemicals and liquids for wipes applications National and pan-European regulatory considerations for new wipes Challenges and opportunities in the growing flushable sector Insights into consumer awareness and appetite for new wipes in Europe New production technology.
121 S. Main Street, Suite 300, Akron

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