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ITMC -2024

ITMC -2024

20th Nov, 2024 to 23rd Nov, 2024
Shinshu University, Ueda Campus, Japan
The ITMC2024 conference is poised to delve into the profound theme of "Intelligent Textiles and Mass Customization," serving as an esteemed platform for erudite discourse, exhibitions, and networking opportunities. Distinguished experts hailing from the realms of textiles, allied industries, and academia will grace the occasion with their insightful lectures. This symposium aims to facilitate an exchange of knowledge and ideas within an ambiance tailored for the advancement of the textile industry. Within the confines of the specially curated Sustainable Smart Textile Salon, deliberations will span the contours of sustainable circular textile strategies and the burgeoning field of intelligent textiles. Participants are encouraged to engage in substantive discussions and share valuable insights, thus fostering an environment conducive to the dissemination of pertinent information.
3-15-1, Tokida Nagano,

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