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Polymers International Conference-2024

Polymers International Conference-2024

6th Mar, 2024 to 8th Mar, 2024
Meliá Sevilla Hotel, Spain
Polymers 2024 is an international conference covering the latest advance and innovations in the fields of Polymer chemistry, physics and Technology, Theory, simulation, and modelling, Understanding of new physical phenomena, Advances in characterization techniques, and the different applications of polymer for Biomedical, Energy and environment, etc. It will be an invaluable event for polymer research communities (academia and industry) to connect, to share knowledge, collaborate and learn from others' experiences. The main conference topics are as follow: Polymer synthesis, reactions and Kinetics, Polymer structures, Polymers processing and engineering, Physical properties of polymers, Polymer surface and interfaces, Functional polymers, Smart and Functional Polymers, Supramolecular polymers, Self-assembled materials, Polymer Composites and Nanocomposites.
11 Rue de l'embarcadère, Le Perreux Sur Marne,

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