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Artificial Intelligence on Fashion and Textile International Conference

25th Nov, 2019 to 27th Nov, 2019
Shanghai, China

Aachen-Dresden-Denkendorf International Textile Conference 2019

28th Nov, 2019 to 29th Nov, 2019
Dresden, Germany

Product Development and Innovation Course 2019

3rd Dec, 2019 to 5th Dec, 2019
Raleigh, United States Of America

Asia Pacific Hygiene Products Symposium 2019

8th Dec, 2019 to 10th Dec, 2019
Shanghai, China

The 18th Shanghai International Nonwovens Exhibition 2019

11th Dec, 2019 to 13th Dec, 2019
Shanghai, China

Textile Opportunities in a Changing Automotive Industry

5th Feb, 2020 to 6th Feb, 2020
Birmingham, United Kingdom

ISPO Beijing 2020

12th Feb, 2020 to 15th Feb, 2020
Beijing, China

Filter Media Training 2020

25th Feb, 2020 to 26th Feb, 2020
Chicago, United States Of America

FiltXPO 2020

26th Feb, 2020 to 28th Feb, 2020
Chicago, United States Of America

JEC World 2020

3rd Mar, 2020 to 5th Mar, 2020
Paris, France


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