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Mr. K.K. Agarwal
Mr. K.K. Agarwal

Interview with Mr. K.K. Agarwal

Economy of scale only restraint in Indian tech textile sector, no capacity plants to compete with China

Mr. K.K. Agarwal, Chairman of Alps Industries Limited, aged 69 years is a qualified Textile Technologist from Government Central Textile Institute, Kanpur (UP). He is President, Northern India Textile Mills Association (NITMA) and an Executive Member of CITI and is also a nominated member of Cotton Yarn Advisory Board by Govt. of India & Sr. Vice Chairman of NITRA. He started Alps Industries Ltd in 1962. Today the company is one of the first vertically integrated mills set up in India and is a certified for ISO 9001 & 14001, GOTS, O.E (Organic Exchange), Oeko-Tex, USA Cotton & FLO (Fair Trade Labeling Organisation). Presently the company has grown into a Rs. 750 Crore company catering to both International and domestic markets with its popular brands such as “VISTA” window coverings, awnings, wooden floorings & “Le-Pashmina” for Shawls, Stoles, Scarves, Mufflers etc. Mr. Agarwal with about 50 years of business experience has strong connotation with research and involved in the process of producing eco-friendly products in home furnishing in association with IIT, Delhi. He received many awards from Central Govt., State Govt. & Export Promotion Councils. Also awarded merit certificate by the Hon. President of India for outstanding achievement in exports for the year 1995-96. He has received First Prize Trophy of State Export Award (2008-09) for excellence performance in export and the Gold trophy, for special achievement in yarn category (2009-10) from Texprocil.

TT: How do you foresee the outlook of Technical Textiles Industry in India in 2012- 2013?

Outlook of Technical Textiles looks bright in 12-13 as user industry consumption especially Road Construction, Agriculture along with Auto Mobile & House holds sectors will increase many fond in near future.

TT: What according to you are the missing links for India’s growing market in this field? How is Alps Industries looking at investment opportunity in this growing sector?

There is lack of laws along with awareness & monitoring regarding use of Protective Textiles along with other Fire resistant fabrics for public places like Multiplexes & public transport system. Alps Industry at present in Technical Textile in following field:- 1. Window Covering 2. PU Coated fabric including Fire resistant & water proof fabrics used for Bullet Proof Jacket upper layer & Defense Shoes. 3. Hot Melt lamination used for Water Proof/ Water repellent fabric for defense jacket purpose. 4. We are also in automotive fabrics for Honda & Volkswagen along with Fire Retardant fabric for buses. 5. Black out Fabric having strong requirement in Domestic & International markets. Most of the above items were started about 2 years back & we are anticipating a growth about 50% per annum in next 2-3 years.

TT: What newer applications in Technical Textiles will contribute significantly in coming years in India?

Technical Textile is in infancy in India & it has a potential of high growth in all fields including Agriculture, Constructions, Auto Mobile, House hold etc.

TT: Mergers and Acquisitions seem to be the current trend worldwide. What is your view on technology transfer from developed economies to developing economies?

There is lot of possibilities of technology transfer in the area of technical textiles but the only restraint in this area is economy of scale, as in India demand is not enough to set up viable capacity plant which can compete with countries like China etc. & the users of Technical Textiles will like to import from outside because of cost benefit. If Government wants many industry in this area then has to provide schemes like TUF & interest subvention for Technical textile apart from exemption in excise duty, sales tax etc along with strict laws making it compulsory to use Technical Textiles where it gives less cost & better life.

TT: What are your expectations from the forthcoming budget for this industry?

As stated above Technical Textile will require exemption from excise duty along with TUF scheme & interest subversion.

Published on: 17/02/2012

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