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Nihal TC
Nihal TC

Interview with Nihal TC

We prioritise the fusion of functionality with comfort

Blue Tyga, born from the legacy of Walkaroo—India’s leading footwear brand—ventured into the apparel industry with a mission to create a ‘comfiverse’, where comfort is engineered, not just worn. Prioritising technical fabrics and innovative features, Blue Tyga is dedicated to crafting clothing that solves everyday comfort challenges, ensuring functionality is woven into every garment. Speaking to Fibre2Fashion, Co-founder Nihal TC discusses products designed to address the specific challenges posed by Indian weather conditions and lifestyle.

TT: How has the technical apparel industry evolved over the last decade?

Initially, technical apparel was predominantly reserved for military personnel, firefighters, and other professionals, primarily for safety and performance reasons, often geared towards elite athletes. We have disrupted this paradigm by democratising technical apparel, making it accessible for everyday wear. We believe that our daily lives are like performances that can benefit from the functionalities offered by technical apparel.

TT: What are some of the most exciting innovations in materials being used in apparel today?

Conductive yarns are the most exciting. They play a crucial role in the development of advanced textiles, enabling the creation of garments that are not only functional and comfortable but also intelligent and interactive.

TT: What was the inspiration behind the name ‘Blue Tyga’, and how does it reflect your brand’s identity?

The inspiration behind the name ‘Blue Tyga’ stems from blending Indian heritage with a tribute to tigers and the colour blue, which is ubiquitous in wardrobes worldwide. This fusion reflects our brand’s identity, rooted in Indian culture yet offering globally sought-after products of exceptional quality.

TT: Can you describe the journey from identifying the need for more comfortable tech wear in India to launching Blue Tyga?

Initially, our focus was on crafting the most comfortable garments suitable for Indian weather. However, our journey towards creating tech-enabled products was sparked by the desire to enhance our customers’ daily comfort beyond just providing excellent fit and fabric options.

TT: How do you gather insights about the challenges customers face with their clothing, and how do these insights drive your product development?

We maintain a close connection with our community, affectionately known as the ‘comfiverse’. By engaging in conversations about their daily discomforts and challenges, we gather valuable insights. Through a collaborative effort between our community’s feedback and our dedicated R&D team, we develop innovative solutions that significantly improve people’s comfort and well-being.

TT: Could you elaborate on the types of technical fabrics you use and how they contribute to the overall comfort and functionality of your garments?

Currently, our collection features over four innovative technologies, with many more in development. Our primary focus is on enhancing everyday comfort through these advancements. These technologies include: Zincfused for odour control, Sunguard for UV protection, Aerochill for temperature control, and Aerotrek for lightweight yet effective water repellency.

TT: What are some of the cutting-edge technologies that Blue Tyga has incorporated into its apparel?

At Blue Tyga, we have integrated cutting-edge technologies into our apparel to enhance comfort and functionality. Our innovative lineup includes features such as Cool Rush, which provides a refreshing 3-degree difference, and our highly acclaimed odour control technology, offering all-day freshness even in tropical climates. These advancements have been enthusiastically embraced by our customers, with our comfiverse community particularly appreciating the Cool Rush and odour control features for their transformative impact on everyday comfort.

TT: How does the Cool Rush Technology work, and what feedback have you received from customers about its performance?

Cool Rush Technology works by utilising advanced fabric engineering to create a cooling effect on apparel. It incorporates specialised materials and construction techniques that help regulate body temperature by dissipating heat and moisture away from the skin, thus providing a refreshing sensation. This technology enhances comfort, especially in warm climates or during physical activity, by helping to maintain a cooler and more comfortable wearing experience. 
Customers who are exercising or travelling in tropical climates are among those who frequently return to us, requesting more products featuring this technology.

TT: Your Sunscreen jacket features UPF 50+ protection. How important is sun protection in your product line, and how do you test its effectiveness?

We strongly believe in raising awareness about the harmful effects of UV rays on our skin, a topic often overlooked beyond concerns about tanning. To address this gap, we have introduced our Sunscreen jacket—aimed at promoting sun protection during daily commutes when exposure to the sun is high. Our commitment to safety and effectiveness is evidenced by rigorous testing conducted in reputable labs, equipped with the necessary facilities and authority to provide certification.

TT: What specific design elements make your garments breathable, and why is this important for your target market?

Ensuring breathability in our garments is fundamental, even as we integrate advanced features like water repellency or insulation. Our technology ensures that breathability remains a priority, a necessary component our customers highly value. Just as our skin regulates temperature through perspiration, our products are designed to feel like a second skin, promoting comfort and ease of movement.

TT: Blue Tyga prioritises technology over fashion. How do you ensure that your designs remain stylish while focusing primarily on technological innovations?

As a tech-enabled clothing brand, we prioritise the fusion of functionality with comfort, and then fashion. We firmly believe that not all fashionable garments offer comfort, and conversely, not all comfortable, functional clothing is fashionable. However, we still ensure that all our products maintain a neat and crisp appearance across our entire product line.

TT: What future innovations can we expect from Blue Tyga in the tech wear arena? Any plans for expansion, both in terms of product range and geographic reach?

As previously mentioned, we are continuously developing new technologies aimed at enhancing daily comfort. Our goal is to address the specific challenges posed by Indian weather conditions and lifestyle, ensuring that our products cater to the needs of our local customers. While many international brands may offer products designed for their own climates, we prioritise solving the unique challenges faced by individuals in India. Our focus is on growing within India by providing solutions tailored to our customers’ needs, rather than relying solely on brand recognition from international products.

Interviewer:  Shilpi Panjabi
Published on: 05/06/2024

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