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Daniel Dwight
Daniel Dwight
President & Chief Executive Officer
TT: What are the major bottlenecks in developing markets compared to that of developed markets?

I find the phrasing of the question interesting because often times I have experienced the opposite over my 30-year career, which included working and living in China, Brazil and other emerging markets. Developed markets often times have entrenched ways of doing business that a new entrant needs to break through. Conversely, developing markets are often times more receptive to new ideas and ways of doing things. For example, I am currently traveling through India and Israel evaluating new opportunities for Cooley. For Cooley/Commercial Graphics, the market participants, (printers, ad media companies, etc.) are seeking higher quality print media solutions than are currently being offered in the local market. Similarly for Cooley/Engineered Membranes, the market participants, (developers, contractors, etc.) are seeking higher quality waterproofing solutions for higher-end real estate and infrastructure projects. Cooley is seeking to take advantage of the demand in developing markets for higher-quality, more sustainable solutions.

TT: How do you see the Indian Market as a major consumer / producer of such fabrics? Where lies the opportunity for a country like India?

India has a long history of producing fabrics and other textiles but much less experience in high-end coated fabrics. Cooley is seeking to take advantage of our technical expertise in developing chemistry-based solutions for the local India market. Our 85-year history of being first to the market with innovative solutions for our customers provides Cooley with the experience to develop and modify our solutions to fit the local market. For example, Cooley is developing a modified version of our new polyethylene-based poster product specifically for serving the unique demand from Brazilian ad media companies for the upcoming Brazilian elections.

TT: What difference do you see in the pattern of growth in India vis a vis China in the field?

China and India provide significant opportunities for western companies who have the fortitude and commitment needed to take a long-term view of these developing markets. To be successful, you need to develop a clear understanding of the markets and to nurture the necessary relationships to be able to identify and serve the local customers’ needs for localized solutions.

TT: Give us a brief on the developments at Cooley in this specialized field.

Cooley has an 85-year history of being first to market with innovative, sustainable solutions that are known for their proven performance. We serve customers in 20 countries and are aggressively expanding into select new markets with localized solutions and, where appropriate, with select local and multinational strategic partners. Where it is financially prudent, Cooley will also seek to expedite our organic growth with select acquisitions to gain access to new products and markets.

Published on: 30/11/2011

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