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Giorgio Mantovani
Giorgio Mantovani
TT: What are the trends in medical/ hygiene segment and what new can be expected from this field?

There are high expectations in the industry for a wide variety of emerging polymers and super absorbent materials. This will allow ever-more-thin products with increasingly high absorbency.Out of all the applications for nonwovens, healthcare applications are growing at a faster pace.

TT: What are the probable factors contributing towards this development?

There seems to be two concurrent trends that are, at their core, the opposite of each other. Cotton continues its increasing popularity in healthcare applications. It is a naturally absorbent solution in a field of many available artificial materials. And cotton's perception as a more healthy option appeals to an ever-widening number of consumers. However at the same time, in healthcare and hygiene, new and advanced synthetic materials are gaining interest for improved wicking characteristics. These include super-absorbency profiles as well as laminates and polymers. In addition, polyurethane-based materials are being used in wound care.

TT: What are the major global challenges in the diaper business?

Leakage protection is the number one goal. Just as important is better fit or perceived comfort. To achieve these goals, manufacturers have set out to make thinner, more comfortable diapers, while also focusing on emerging geographies. In fact, thinness is the price of entry into this category. And there are decreasing levels of bulkier materials like fluff pulp. We have been considerably upgraded in top-of-the-line diapers when it comes to softness and cloth-like aesthetics.

TT: What are the qualities that distinguish Corman's products from those of your competitors?

We believe that compared to our competitors who manufacture with synthetic materials, our products are softer and gentler on skin, certainly bio-degradable, plastic-free, fragrance-free and chlorine-free.

TT: What are your views on sustainability and how can sustainability be integrated?

Corman is committed to sustainability as evidenced by a full range of products based on an organic and an environmentally-conscious approach in our production facilities. We not only believe that it is a corporate responsibility, but it is embraced by an ever-widening group of consumers.

Published on: 29/06/2015

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