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Mr Ambrose Chan
Mr Ambrose Chan

Interview with Mr Ambrose Chan

Indonesia, India, China present major baby & adult disposable diaper biz opportunities in future

TT: DSG International is recognized for manufacturing disposable baby and adult diapers since 1994 in Thailand. How has the market for the disposable baby diapers evolved over the years?

With four decades of experience, five manufacturing sites and more than 1,500 employees, DSG International (DSGIL) is firmly established in Asia. A holding company for baby and adult diapers, DSGIL operates through its two major business entities in the region. Founded by the Chairman, Brandon Wang in 1973, the DSG Group serves the East Asia region, covering mainly Hong Kong and the mainland. DSGIL supports the Southeast Asia market through its publicly listed subsidiary, DSG International (Thailand) or DSGT. Owing to market fundamentals such as growing birth rate, aging population and increasing consumer affluence, DSGT further strengthens its presence throughout Asia while recognizing market segmentation. DSGT promotes brand consumption for existing products and creates more with value-added specifications. DSGT maintains brand equity for its disposable baby products, with trusted brands in Asia such as BabyLove in Thailand, PetPet in Malaysia and Fitti in Indonesia. For adult incontinence products, its Certainty brand has been a market leader in Thailand for many years. Achieving rapid growth since its inception in 1994, DSGT has doubled its revenue in three years, from Baht 3.4 billion (HK$850 million) in 2009 to Baht 6.8 billion in 2012.

TT: What are the latest trends in the market of disposable baby diapers?

Nowadays, the parents are willing to pay more for their babies for convenient, fashionable and hygienic disposable diapers. In Thailand, over 70% of disposable diapers used are in the form of pull-up pant diapers, a more premium product, replacing the tape-fastening disposable diapers. This trend is almost similar to all Asian markets, though difference in the pace of substitution. The latest trend of disposable diaper market is moving away from pure functionality to babywear fashion with cosmetic and skincare appeal.

TT: What are the challenges faced by the producers of disposable baby diapers, especially the South East Asian companies?

In addition to the uncertainties associated with global economic cycles in commodity prices and FX fluctuations, small producers of disposable diapers will continue to encounter intense competition from international branded disposable baby diapers which build market share through continuous innovations to satisfy the more sophisticated customer needs. From the middle to long term, the SEA diaper market might be dominated by a few regional producers with innovation pipeline. The smaller players, whose past success solely rely on satisfying the basic needs of the consumers, might be marginalized over time due to lack of product differentiation.

Published on: 27/02/2014

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