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Ginnymarie Mendis & Shashika Wijesinghe
Ginnymarie Mendis & Shashika Wijesinghe
Chief of Innovation & Technology Lead
TT: Can you explain us the testing process?

With increasing demand for reusable absorbent underwear, we have seen a lot of products come into the market, which is great for the industry as it transitions from disposables to reusables with more access and choice to consumers as well as the positive impact on our planet. However, this has also made it important to ensure that the products entering the market adhered to a standard to ensure the integrity of the product and thereby the market was protected so that consumers and brands are able to make this transition with greater confidence. This was evident in the disposable market, where we realised there were strong global standards governing traditional single-use products, however, not in the new Reusable Absorbent Underwear category. 
MAS, as a thought leader in this space, wants to put consumers first, ensuring claims are properly validated. And so, we partnered with Hohenstein Laboratories GmbH, an independent lab based in Germany, to develop this Global Test Protocol for Reusable Absorbent Underwear.
  • The aim was to establish a standard and benchmark testing for certain key product functions. Thus, making it simple to execute by any lab, as well as be able to utilise low cost, inexpensive tools instead of costly mannequins. This makes it a whole lot more affordable for small companies as well as their larger counterparts. And finally, MAS wanted to provide this free of cost.
  • Currently, absorbency claims refer to total saturation capacity on a flat surface. However, MAS’ new test protocol is based on body curvature and how the underwear would be positioned on the body while wearing – be it sitting or standing. We’ve looked at putting together a new definition of maximum absorbent capacity as the point where it starts to leak or penetrate around the narrowest point of the gusset. Ultimately, the test standard requires the application of body weight/pressure to the absorbent area to mimic real life.

TT: What makes it more efficient than the ones available in the market?

What makes our range of reusable absorbent underwear more efficient compared to those available in the market is that our patented solutions offer a unique sealing mechanism to provide 360-degree leakproof security. Additionally, the functional materials in our products are designed and crafted with special knit structures to offer high quality superior performance.

TT: What is MAS’s reusable absorbent underwear for women made of?

FemTech at MAS has designed the reusable absorbent underwear keeping our consumers health and safety at the core. Our solutions are free from all harmful chemicals (PFAS). Our patented product contains a moisture wicking layer, that keeps a person dry all day long, liquid acquisition layers, anti-odour, anti-microbial properties as well as a leak proof barrier layer that is breathable and leak resistant.

TT: Which are your major markets for feminine hygiene?

The feminine hygiene market is growing rapidly and the demand for reusable alternative solutions are increasing globally driven by the consumer shift and preference for sustainable alternatives. We work with big brands both in the fashion as well as in the hygiene and health industry and so our products are sold around the world across both e-commerce and retail stores. We envision demand for this category to increase globally.

TT: What kind of innovations and technologies are you currently working on when it comes to feminine hygiene?

FemTech at MAS is focused on innovating solutions for all stages of women. Today the reusable market is very active in the menstrual category, but many other segments are becoming more relevant. We believe in offering functional and lifestyle-oriented solutions to help people live their life as normal as possible as they experience different stages of the feminine journey from menarche through to menopause. Our portfolio comprises reusable absorbent underwear for all types of body fluids, nursing pads, bras, solutions that address period pain, products that help manage hot flushes experienced during the menopause, and much more. We are continually assessing new areas within the FemTech space and are working towards developing innovative products that bring normalcy to people’s lives. We are determined to find breakthrough wearable solutions to uplift people’s health and well-being.

TT: How big is the market for reusable feminine hygiene products? At what rate is it growing?

The global retail sales for disposables (sanitary pads, daily liners, tampons) is approximately ~$25 billion. The reusable absorbent underwear market is expected to reach $2.8 billion retail sales globally by 2026. However, reusables have the potential to be much bigger than is being expected.

Published on: 28/07/2022

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