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Sanjay Gupta
Sanjay Gupta
Business Head – Coated Fabrics
TT: How do you see competition from comparable products made by you from Chinese / Taiwanese technologies/products available in India?

In most segments we operate in, we have been pioneers and always benchmarked our products to the international standards. Majority of our exports is to the developed countries where we compete with European/American producers. Therefore the threat from low technology products is relatively lesser.

TT: What markets and segments are you currently exploring and what is their potential?

For Cordage business our strategy is to explore new geographies in the international market and upgrade products/introduce new products/variants keeping end application in mind. Three new business segments for us are Geo, Agri and Coated fabrics where we see exponential growth in demand.

TT: Share your future expansion and new product roll-out plans?

We plan to expand our product portfolio in Geotextiles, Agritextiles and Coated fabrics segments either through in-house R&D or tie-ups with international players. We are looking for opportunities for joint venture with international players who are interested in Indian market. For our cordage business, our in-house R&D will continue to upgrade our product portfolio.

Published on: 18/10/2012

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