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A. B. Telasang
A. B. Telasang
Senior Consultant - Technical Textiles

Interview with A. B. Telasang

Nonwovens, high-end composites, protech to grow in coming years in India

A. B. Telasang ,M-Tech in Textiles from VJTI Mumbai has 11 years of rich experience in the field of Textiles and Technical Textiles. He started his carrier in Quality Assurance related activities in yarn spinning. Prior to joining Gherzi he was working with Welspun India Limited in Terry Towel Export Marketing section. Since 2003, he is working with Gherzi and has been appointed as a Senior Consultant - Technical Textiles in January 2009. He has also attended International exhibitions and workshops in India, Europe and Asia. Gherzi is the world's oldest turnkey textile consultancy having its base in Zurich, Switzerland. In the year 1960 Gherzi in association with Wadia Group of companies, a leading business house in India started its Indian arm - Gherzi Eastern Limited and over the last 51 years supported major players in Textiles in setting up green field projects in and around India. Since the year 2001, the Germany based Gherzi van Delden GmbH is working with all major western Technical Textile companies and is supporting Indian players to enter into Technical Textiles.

TT: How do you foresee the outlook of Technical Textiles Industry in India in 2012 - 2013?

The Technical Textiles industry is expected to see a growth of 11% per annum till 2012-13 and if Government interventions take place in the form of, e.g., a regulatory push, the growth of the Technical Textiles industry can be estimated at 12-15% per annum till 2020. The Ministry of Textiles' efforts of spreading the Technical Textile waves throughout India by organizing Road Shows, setting up a Center of Excellence, carrying on a continuous dialogue between Government and industry has really worked well. Some of the companies are interested in investing in Technical Textile products such as Agro-textiles, Geotextiles, Automotives, and Composites. Some of the companies already in Technical Textiles, are planning to expand their business or go for forward integration into more value added products.

TT: What according to you are the missing links for India’s growing market in this field? What services does Gherzi offer to emerging entrepreneurs in this field?

The missing link is the product and technology know-how for specific market applications. One can see the product and its applications in the market but often the potential investor either does not know how to manufacture it because of unavailability of technology know-how or sometimes it is difficult for him to market the product. In some product segments, as I said earlier, the regulations for application of Tech Tex products are missing. Gherzi has an 82-years history of being first to provide turnkey textile consultant services. Over the last 50 years its Indian arm ‘Gherzi Eastern Limited’ has been supporting major Indian players in textiles in building up their plants. With support from another European arm, Gherzi van Delden GmbH in Germany, headed by Mr. Hendrik H. van Delden (having more than 21 years of experience in International Technical Textile consultancy business), Gherzi Eastern Limited is working with some of the major players in India on Technical Textile projects. In Technical Textiles, there are more than 100 product applications and different technologies to manufacture those products. So, for a new entrant it is very difficult to identify the right product, technology and market. Gherzi supports potential entrepreneurs in identifying the right product segment and also hold hands with them in accessing western partners for technology know-how tie-up support, joint ventures and in Merger & Acquisition deals. Providing Engineering support service to set up green field projects is Gherzi Eastern Limited’s main forte. Gherzi has been also empanelled with the Ministry of Textiles as consultant for business start-ups under Mini Mission-II of the Technology Mission on Technical Textiles (TMTT).

Published on: 24/02/2012

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