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Paige Mullis
Paige Mullis
Director of Concept Development
TT: Glen Raven Inc is planning to expand its operations in India. Can you explain a bit about your expansion plans?

We are only exploring the technical textile market in India at this time, and bringing our portable Concept Gallery to Mumbai for a few days through our subsidiary Strata Geo systems India Pvt Ltd. The purpose of this is to explore the potential for collaboration and innovation with a combination of many products and processes that we are involved with globally. Let the creative juices flow!

TT: How is the country's performance fabrics industry?

We think it is at a nascent stage, with many application driven opportunities to consider. Producing high performance fabrics is a challenging endeavour, but finding the correct marketing plan, distribution network, inventory management system, and long range vision is even more daunting. Glen Raven has gone through this process multiple times during our 134 year history in a number of different countries, and we are actively engaged in this evaluation for the Indian market.

TT: In India, technical textiles form just 10 to 15 percent of the textile market as per your observation. But you do not see that as a hindrance, rather you see it as an opportunity. Isn't it? Can you explain?

By their very nature, technical textiles will always be a smaller volume segment of the whole textile industry. However, it is a space that offers many opportunities to market specialised value added products, and capture a significant market share.

Published on: 03/11/2014

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