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Rory Holmes
Rory Holmes
TT: Mergers and Acquisitions seems to be the current trend worldwide. What is your view on technology transfer from developed economies to developing economies?

All of our manufacturers have their own secrets of how they make fabrics. This know-how allows our industry in the West to operate at high efficiencies and produce first quality products. The emerging markets could use this know-how to their advantage through mergers and acquisitions. Most manufacturers are not going to give this Intellectual Property away for nothing and they will want a return on their investment. Finding the proper partner can be difficult but the rewards can be significant.

TT: In last few years, there is a significant investment in wipes and hygiene products in India. How do you see the patter of growth vis a vis that of North America and China?

India is where China was 20 years ago. I believe that India can grow similarly to China’s exponential growth in the past. As I said before, India needs to streamline their business practices to make this growth possible. Improvements in retail distribution will help a lot. North America is a developed economy where new product launches happen all the time. Other than the large middle class population in India, I see North America and India as very different markets.

TT: Would like to wish you all the best for the upcoming World of Wipes in June at Atlanta. Any specific agenda / theme that you would like to make our visitors keep updated on?

World of Wipes targets the Consumer and Industrial Wiping markets, exactly. We have recruited attendees to WOW that INDA had never seen before. The program has been set and I look forward to another event that will pass on new and useful information with an outcome of actionable ideas. We will cover the markets for wipes around the world and also have a panel discussion on raw materials. We have an extensive list of WOW Award nominees from which our Technical Advisory Board will select the finalists. New this year is a Speed Networking Luncheon with limited seating—so sign up early. We have installed a Social Networking scheme to allow attendees to converse and coordinate meetings ahead of time. AND, Deanna Lovell and Johnnie Jean Dickens will host our first ever poker nights at the INDA Hospitality Suite.

Published on: 20/04/2011

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