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David Rousse
David Rousse
TT: Please provide us information on the upcoming IDEA exhibition in Miami on exhibitors and opportunities for visitors?

There is a great deal of planning and management that will go into making IDEA a successful event in April, 2013. We are doing a lot of work right now in that regard. IDEA 2013 is poised to have a more international flavour than ever before, with over 60% of exhibitors expected to travel from outside the Americas.There is always a significant contingent from Europe, which has had close links with the US industry for decades, but the increase in participation comes from Asian companies in the supply chain. We also expect to see a record number of attendees, as booth space has been selling rapidly, and we may need to consider an additional pavilion given the response thus far. It will be another memorable event for the industry, and the Miami Beach location remains very popular with all attendees.

TT: Going forward, what are your plans for INDA in 2013 and 2014?

Going forward, I hope to build on the strong base INDA already has. I would like to see us develop stronger partnerships and alliances with other associations that are in the engineered materials spectrum, such as fibers, textiles, some chemical areas, so that our programs and events can serve a broader audience. I would like to see us, be of service to the many nonwovens companies who have expanded to Asia by helping organizations in Asia conduct valuable events. I would also like to see us enhance our value proposition and thereby increase membership, which would also increase event participation. So it’s really building on a strong base. We have a great team and great support from our members. I would also like to see the benefits we provide, be helpful to more companies in the industry or to those wanting to grow in our industry.

Published on: 20/11/2012

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