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Mr. Johan Berlin
Mr. Johan Berlin
Managing Director
TT: What services does Investkonsult Sweden AB offers to emerging entrepreneurs in this field?

Since we have been active as a broker of machinery since the seventies, procurement of machinery is our core competence. If we don’t have suitable equipment at hand we can, thanks to our extensive network of producers, offer the required equipment within a short timeframe. With both technical knowledge and good insights in the market we are able to assist emerging entrepreneurs to become successful in this field.

TT: What newer applications in Nonwovens will contribute significantly in coming years?

We see some new applications primarily in the technical markets. Battery separators represent a fast-growing market, due to innovation and new technology both power and life length of the battery will improve. In the filtration market, new value-added filter media is being developed, and the growth in this segment is strong thanks to technological improvements. In the medical sector, we believe a strong product development. The advancements made in the coating/lamination area will continue with for instance anti-bacterial treatments of surgical gowns. Also in protective clothing, we believe that nonwovens will get improved properties and replace conventional woven textiles.

TT: Mergers and Acquisitions seems to be the current trend worldwide. What is your view on technology transfer from developed economies to developing economies?

We believe that this trend will continue the companies will get larger, either through mergers and acquisitions or investments. This applies to all too all stages of the supply chain. Some technology transfer will probably occur when some of the largest nonwoven producers establish themselves in developing countries. It is inevitable that knowledge then will be spread on the new market. The government of developing economies also has a great potential to initiate and stimulate transferring of skills and technological knowledge. The establishment of Centers of excellence for technical textiles in India is a good example of that and will have a positive impact on the country’s nonwovens market. We believe that increased interaction between Developed Economies and Developing economies are essential for transferring of technology. We try to be as active as possible in this area. In April Mr. Lars Berlin held a presentation at Indotex in Jakarta. The seminar was focused on nonwoven technologies and production methods, the audience was very appreciative and we feel urged to continue to spread information and knowledge of nonwovens and disposable hygiene.

Published on: 17/05/2012

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