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Edwin Wong
Edwin Wong
CEO & Director

Interview with Edwin Wong

J-Long prioritises innovation by creating diverse products

J-Long, established as a pioneering authorised and converter of 3M Scotchlite Reflective Distributors in Asia since 1985, has ascended to global leadership in providing innovative trim solutions for the apparel industry. With a robust portfolio that includes both reflective and non-reflective garment accessories like heat transfers, tapes, elastics, drawcords, and zipper pullers, J-Long champions sustainability and innovation across its operations in Hong Kong, China, and beyond, catering to a diverse range of market segments including consumer apparel, uniform and safety workwear, and outdoor accessories. In an interview with Fibre2Fashion, CEO & Director Edwin Wong discusses reflective materials.

TT: What emerging trends do you foresee shaping the future of reflective materials and garment accessories industries?

Reflective materials would continue to be very popular, and would be applied not just to sportswear, but also to fashion.

TT: How do you anticipate advancements in technology impacting the development and application of reflective materials in various sectors?

Advancements in technology will make reflective materials more accessible and also easier to produce.

TT: Can you discuss the potential impact of regulatory changes or environmental initiatives on the reflective materials industry?

Regulatory changes and environmental initiatives can make reflective materials harder to produce. The regulations would only become stronger as years pass-by.

TT: How important is sustainability in the manufacturing process of reflective materials?

If reflective materials can be recycled, it would represent a significant breakthrough. The advantage of these materials is their minimal use of water and electricity during production.

TT: Can you tell us about the journey of J-Long since its establishment as one of the first authorised converters of 3M Scotchlite Reflective Materials (SRM) in Asia?

We started in 1985, as our owner used to work at 3M, and decided to start his own company and became a distributor of 3M. Now, we are the biggest authorised distributor of 3M SRM, serving customers globally. We work closely with 3M sales representatives and technicians.

TT: What factors contributed to J-Long becoming a global leader in developing and supplying trim solutions for reflective and non-reflective garment accessories?

With over 30 years in the industry, J-Long’s ascent to becoming a global leader in developing and supplying trim solutions for both reflective and non-reflective garment accessories can be attributed to our robust sales network and close collaboration with our customers. We consistently maintain high-quality standards and introduce innovative products and services annually to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.

TT: How does J-Long collaborate with designers and sourcing departments to ensure the effective application and usage of its products?

We have pre- and post-sales services to ensure customer satisfaction. Additionally, we have an in-house team of designers and a marketing department that annually introduces new products, keeping our customers inspired.

TT: How does J-Long set itself apart from competitors in the reflective materials industry?

We do this through our commitment to quality and timely delivery, coupled with our extensive knowledge of the standards in different parts of the world.

TT: Can you share about the certifications and recognition that J-Long has achieved?

J-Long stands out as one of the few companies in the reflective materials industry to achieve the bluesign certification, a testament to our commitment to meeting rigorous environmental and safety standards. This recognition is particularly significant, given the challenging nature of obtaining such a certification.

TT: How does J-Long approach sustainability in its operations and product development, and what initiatives are in place to further enhance environmental responsibility?

We have a dedicated team of 10 people in R&D, focusing on sustainable practices. Additionally, we collaborate with universities in Hong Kong and China to continually innovate and develop eco-friendly products, demonstrating our commitment to enhancing environmental responsibility.

TT: In what ways does J-Long prioritise innovation, and what recent developments or patents has the company introduced in the reflective materials industry?

As a leader in reflective materials and visibility solutions, J-Long prioritises innovation by creating diverse products, including Alphalux, a high-brightness reflective material. Additionally, we have developed a high-stretch material capable of stretching up to 2 times its original length with a 99 per cent return rate.

TT: Can you discuss the variety of reflective heat transfers offered by J-Long, including their applications on different fabric types?

J-Long offers a diverse range of reflective heat transfers, including options for home wash, industrial wash, and fire-retardant materials. We also provide various adhesives tailored for different fabric types, ensuring compatibility with high-stretch and DWR (Durable Water Repellent) fabrics.

TT: What patented techniques or methods does J-Long use to enhance the brightness and durability of its colourised reflective materials?

We have a patented technique specifically designed to enhance the brightness and durability of colourised reflective materials.

TT: What are J-Long’s future plans for innovation and expansion within the reflective materials industry?

J-Long plans to continue investing in R&D to create products that can withstand a higher number of washes and produce more durable goods.

TT: What opportunities do you see for J-Long in terms of expansion or diversification in the reflective materials market?

J-Long is already diversified across various market segments within the garment and textiles industry. Expanding into additional product categories represents a significant opportunity for a breakthrough.

Interviewer:  Shilpi Panjabi
Published on: 19/03/2024

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