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Paolo Ocleppo
Paolo Ocleppo
Rotary Cutting Segment Manager

Interview with Paolo Ocleppo

APAC is a growing market for hygiene products

Paolo Ocleppo, Rotary Cutting Segment manager, Sandvik Hyperion discusses the industry for hygiene products with technicaltextile.net

TT: Which are the core areas you work in technical textiles and nonwovens, and what is the growth potential in each niche?

Sandvik Hyperion is a global company specialised in hard and super-hard applied materials. It belongs to the Sandvik Group, a high-technology industrial company with 47,000 employees around the world and representation in 130 countries. Within the technical textiles and nonwovens market, Sandvik Hyperion is a worldwide leader for rotary cutting solutions, with a focus on the hygiene market including babycare, femcare and adultcare. The company offers high-tech products and services for rotary die-cutting systems. The cutting unit is a critical component of a converting line. Its reliability and lifetime can heavily influence the total productivity output. Sandvik Hyperion works closely with customers and has the ability to offer a solution throughout the total product lifecycle, which includes full design and engineering capabilities, manufacturing, validation tests, operators and advanced engineering training, assistance at start-ups, troubleshooting, re-sharpening, maintenance and carbide recycling. Sandvik cutting solutions are designed to ensure high and reliable performance, with easy use and handling. This translates directly into customer savings through excellent production efficiency, optimisation of spare part quantities and a reduction of machine downtime and maintenance needs.

TT: Which are your biggest markets, and where does Asia feature in your growth strategy? Which are the countries looking for more technical textiles?

Sandvik Hyperion started offering rotary cutting solutions to the hygiene market at the end of eighties. Historically, our main market has been Europe, but it has quickly extended to the Americas and APAC regions. Global presence ensured through local sales offices and maintenance centres allow our company to be a worldwide leader today for the rotary cutting systems. Adultcare is driving growth in the mature markets, while demographic and economic factors are the main drivers in emerging and developing countries. Specifically for Asia, the most active markets for us today are Japan and China. However, our business in south-east Asia and in India is also expanding very fast. Those regions represent for sure one of our key points in our growth strategy.

TT: How has your business grown in the last two years, and what is your target growth for the next two years?

Our business has steadily increased at a pace higher than that of the hygiene market. This is due to the healthy growth of the hygiene market coupled with the technology offered by Sandvik Hyperion. Faster and more productive converting lines need reliable, efficient and lasting performance-cutting solutions which is exactly what Sandvik Hyperion offers.

TT: What percentage of profits do you earmark for R&D annually?

Sandvik Hyperion is continuously investing in R&D with at least five per cent of its sales dedicated to new product developments.

Published on: 18/05/2015

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