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Mr. Dave Hill
Mr. Dave Hill
Business Development Manager
TT: Tell us about the properties of the super absorbent fibre developed by you?

The chemistry on which SAFTM is based has been extensively tested to establish its safe for use status in application areas requiring a high degree of toxicity and regulatory approval. Studies have included allergenicity, irritation, dermal, genetic, reproductive, and ingestion research. Technical Absorbents (TAL) manufactures its own patented polymer system to produce SAFTM– an aqueous solution which is extruded into a hot air stream in order to dry and cure the polymer, resulting in the formation of SAFTM filaments. These are then cooled, and precision cut into a range of staple lengths before being dried, cross-linked, conditioned and baled for dispatch. The manufacturing process is extremely versatile, allowing for precise tailoring and control of all required fibre parameters. In-house quality control systems ensure fibre is produced to exacting specifications.

TT: In which applications does it find use in the nonwovens and technical textile sector?

SAFTM is truly a versatile super absorbent product. The number of applications that already benefit from this absorbent technology is immense and extremely diverse. Ongoing innovation in the polymer chemistry of SAFTM, together with implementation of advanced fibre processing techniques, is leading to the design of new fabrics and yarns that deliver world-class super absorbency performance. SAFTM can be converted into a multitude of fabric and yarn structures for use in disposable hygiene, advanced wound care, food packaging, coolant apparel, agrotextiles, geotextiles, filtration and underwater cable applications.

Published on: 07/07/2012

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