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Silverio Baranzano
Chief Executive Officer, Fitesa

Supply of materials during a pandemic is a complex situation

Shlomzion Chen
Founder & CEO, Seevix

Clients from North America, Europe & Asia Are Seeking...

Karan Bose
Managing Director, Hula Global

We have a lot of demand from the US

Sanjay Raut
President (technical and new businesses), Garware Technical Fibres Ltd

Meditech Set To Grow Faster Than Other Segments

Jacques Prigneaux
Market Analysis & Economic Affairs Director, EDANA

Outlook remains positive in terms of growth in volume

Kevin Young & Tom Lucas
VP of Corporate Development & Project Manager, Web Industries

There will an increase in use of nonwovens by 50% over the next...

Asif Rahman
India Head, MIP

MIP: India a pilot project for Asia

Shujaul Rehman
CEO, Garware Technical Fibres

We have over 65% market share of fishing nets in India

Brad Holschuh
Co-director, Wearable Technology Lab, University of Minnesota

We can now create textiles, garments that change shape over time

Daniel Odermatt
Senior Marketing and Product manager, Ventile

We're working on a new lighter weight, 100% recycled cotton...


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