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Arkema to showcase advanced materials at JEC

Mar '20
Pic: Arkema
Pic: Arkema
The Arkema group will showcase advanced materials and new solutions for composites at the JEC World 2020 which is to be held during May 12-14 in Paris. These innovations are meant to meet changing 3D production technologies and keep up with increasing demand for advanced composites in the construction, transportation, wind and sport sectors.

Rapid digital development is substantially changing the way in which products are designed and manufactured in many sectors. Arkema works with partners who are leaders in 3D creation and design to enrich its offer of high-performance materials, 3D printing solutions, and develop new supply chains.

Arkema’s two new partnerships are contributing to the development of completely integrated digital manufacturing platforms. The partnership between Continuous Composites and Sartomer, a subsidiary of Arkema, aims to combine Continuous Composites’ patented Continuous Fibre 3D Printing (CF3D) technology with Sartomer’s N3xtDimension photocure resins. Arkema will organise two conferences to present this new generation of composites

With its high-performance PEKK Kepstan polymer, Arkema has partnered with 9T Labs (Zurich), a start-up specialising in 3D printing of thermoplastic composites. 9T Labs developed a technology that automates the manufacture of composites using additive manufacturing (AM), as well as advanced software algorithms. Two conferences to present this automated production technology will also be organised by Arkema

Arkema has a range of thermoplastic matrices and photocure resins with exceptional properties that accelerate composite development. The group also has additives to improve the performance of thermoset composites and adhesives for composite part assembly.

The flagship product from its range of thermoplastic matrices, Elium resin - a liquid thermoplastic resin for making recyclable composite parts - uses the same conventional thermosetting resin transformation technologies with one major advantage that it can be transformed at room temperature. The mechanical properties of the parts obtained are comparable to thermosets.

At JEC World 2020, Arkema is launching its new Elium C445 resin for solid-surface applications. It is a liquid acrylic resin specifically adapted for room temperature casting of large objects. It is perfectly formulated to receive high mineral filler rates while maintaining high water, thermal shock and scratch resistance.

Other Products to be showcased include Sartomer’s Sarbio acrylate- and methacrylate-based advanced photocure and biosourced liquid resins, and Sartomer’s M Cure products, reactive diluents and crosslinkers for 2K epoxy/amine systems.

Arkema’s offer includes a range of semi-finished products in the form of high-performance PEKK Kepstan, PVDF Kynar and PA 11 Rilsan thermoplastic-resin-coated carbon-fibre unidirectional tapes (Rilsan Matrix tapes). PVDF Kynar thermoplastic resin has excellent mechanical properties, as well as strong corrosion and fire resistance. PEKK Kepstan has exceptional impact, heat and aggressive chemical product resistance, and Rilsan biosourced high-performance polyamide provides durability, flexibility, and chemical- and mechanical-resistant solutions.

Arkema will also showcase Clearstrength impact modifiers, Nanostrength acrylic block copolymers, Graphistrength carbon nanotubes, Ultra-fine Orgasol polyamide powders, Luperox organic peroxides, new range of Luperox Z390 and Luperox Z350 peroxide for rapid polymerisation in continuous processes, new range of Retic products for chemical and solvent-free phthalate-based anchoring, new range of FIT brand methacrylate structural adhesives, and new range of Born2Bond instant adhesives designed for precision bonding.

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