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Austria's Andritz to supply batt forming line to Italy's Pratrivero

May '21
Pic: Andritz
Pic: Andritz
Andritz is set to supply a new eXcelle batt forming line to Pratrivero for their production facilities in Valdilana, Italy. Pratrivero is a leader in the production of nonwoven fabrics using stitch-bonding technology. Andritz supplies plants, equipment, and services for hydropower stations, the pulp and paper industry, metalworking, steel, and others.

The batt forming line will be dedicated to the production of Maliwatt products, used in furnishing, automotive, naval, medical, geotextiles, advertising, clothing, and packaging applications. Installation and start-up are scheduled for the third quarter of 2021. The line includes an eXcelle card and eXcelle crosslapper, a ProDyn web profiling correction system as well as a scanning gauge with a closed loop. The ProDyn system combines actions from the card doffers with dynamic speed variation at the crosslapper. This will result in substantial fibre savings and reduction in CV per cent, providing improved weight evenness in the final product. The ProDyn closed loop will ensure the best possible self-regulation for the equipment and thus enable Pratrivero to produce one of the best product qualities on the market. Pratrivero will be the world’s first company to use the ProDyn technology in the Maliwatt stitchbonding process, according to a press release by Andritz.

Stitchbond is a nonwoven process made by mechanically interlocking fibre webs with continuous filaments, thus imitating textiles. Stitchbonded products are used in many applications due to their lower production costs compared to woven textiles. Among all the different nonwoven processes in which it operates, Andritz is also a market-leading supplier of batt forming equipment for the stitchbonding processes producing Maliwatt, Malivlies, and quilting, the company said.

Pratrivero has trusted in Andritz once again because of its reputation regarding process expertise and high level of carding and crosslapping technology involved. The company already operates several Andritz eXcelle batt forming units, according to Andritz.

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