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Burlington expands to Canada for insect repellent tech

Feb '20
Pic: Burlington
Pic: Burlington
Burlington, a global diversified provider of textile solutions, has expanded the licensing of its No Fly Zone Insect Repellent Technology into Canada and named Mark’s as the first licensee to sell garments protected by the proprietary No Fly Zone mosquito repellent technology. The technology has been available in the US and other regions for some years.

Burlington and Mark’s collaborated and successfully navigated a complicated process to receive government approval for the technology to be sold in Canada.

“We are excited to welcome Mark’s to the No Fly Zone family,” says Nelson Bebo, vice president Burlington Performance Fabrics. “Mark’s is known for innovation and has been a leader in introducing new products and technology in Canada for decades.”

Burlington’s No Fly Zone technology offers distinct advantages over other repellent technologies. No Fly Zone Insect Repellent Technology is a permethrin-based chemistry that helps convert apparel, uniforms or gear into long-lasting, effective and convenient mosquito and tick protection. It works as a contact repellent affecting the insect's nervous system causing them to fly or crawl away before a bite can occur.

Bebo continued, “Protecting against mosquito and tick bites is increasingly important, especially for combating the disease they can carry. Apparel can be a first line of defence when walking and hiking in tall grass or heavily wooded areas or other every day activities. The No Fly Zone technology is applied directly to the fabric or other material which increases the durability and consistency of the repellency and provides the wearer with greater protection, plus it can be matrixed with other performance technologies such as moisture wicking, UPF protection and odour neutralising action.”

The US Centres for Disease Control (CDC) as well as PMRA and Health Canada report an increased number of mosquito and tick-borne diseases. CDC and PMRA recommend the use of products and pre-treated clothing that contain permethrin. The technology can be applied to polyester, nylon, cotton, wool and aramids and is durable for up to 70 home launderings.

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