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China's Suntech develops new generation nonwoven lines

Dec '21
Pic: Suntech Textile Machinery
Pic: Suntech Textile Machinery
China’s Suntech has developed nonwoven line with spinneret design, drawing system, coordinated control of drafting wind and diffusion wind system for spunbond production uniformity. Spunbond non-woven fabrics are an indispensable part of human life. Suntech develops meltblown production line, spunbond production line, and spunmelt production line.

It is widely used in industry, home decoration, construction, agriculture, medical and health and other fields. The quality of spun bond non-woven fabric is very important to production and life. At present, due to many uncontrollable factors in the production process of spun bond non-woven fabric technology, various problems often occur in spun bond production. Among them, spun bond unevenness is a relatively common problem. How to make sure that the thickness of non-woven fabrics more uniform has become the primary problem faced by many non-woven fabric manufacturers, Suntech said in a press release.

When designing the spinneret. Suntech engineers utilised the method of increasing the number of holes and reducing the displacement of the single hole to realise the control of the total amount of melt. When the amount of melt extrusion is constant, the diameter of the filament decreases, which means that the total number of fibres increases. As long as the doffing is uniform, it is required to benefit the uniformity of the web, Suntech said in a media statement.

Suntech follows the spinning principle. Suntech controls the shear rate at (0.2-0.4)*104 s-1, and the spinneret diameter is between 0.4-0.6mm. As the aspect ratio of the spinneret increases, the melt expansion rate will decrease, and the macromolecular orientation of the melt will increase, which is more conducive to fibre drafting.

While increasing the drafting wind speed, Suntech coordinated many spun bond process parameters that affect the fibre linear density, including polymer extrusion volume, melt temperature, air cooling temperature, cold air pressure and suction speed, and so on, decreasing the fibre linear density. In addition, engineers designed adjustable drafting ducts and other key parts for the exit of the production line, which had a lot of space for the expansion of process adjustment.

Suntech adjusted the drafting air system and diffusion air system to make the fibre web uniform and improve the quality indicators such as strength and elongation.

Suntech spun bond lines to guarantee the uniformity of spun bond non-woven fabrics, improve the quality of the spinneret, and use an automatic control system to optimise the drafting system to ensure coordinated control of the drafting air. And diffuse air system to improve management efficiency and production quality.

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