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Chinese firm Suntech to enter carbon fibre era

05 Jan '22
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Suntech will break through the ST series of high-speed rapier looms in 2022, positioning its strategic plan in the manufacture of special fabric looms. Suntech is known to keep pace with time and conduct in-depth research on the weaving of carbon fibre fabrics. In the future, it will use smart textile machinery to fully produce carbon fibre fabrics.

In today's high-speed industrialisation, the uses of carbon fibre are becoming diversified. In applications that require high temperature and high physical stability, carbon fibre composites have irreplaceable advantages, Suntech said in a press release.

In addition to the traditional use of carbon fibre as an insulation material, carbon fibre is often used as a reinforcing material to be added to resin, metal, ceramics, concrete, and other materials to form composite materials. Carbon fibre has become the most important reinforcing material for advanced composite materials. Because carbon fibre composite materials have the advantages of light and strong, light and hard, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, good structural and dimensional stability, good design, large-area integral moulding, etc., they are widely used in aerospace, national defense and various fields of civil industry.

Carbon fibre is used in sports and leisure fields, such as rackets, fishing rods, tennis rackets, badminton rackets, bicycles, ski poles, skis, windsurfing masts, sailing hulls, and other sporting goods are one of its main users.

Rackets and racket frames are important forms of expression in sports applications. It is estimated that 34 million pairs of bats are produced every year. Forty per cent of bats in the world are made of carbon fibre. The market for tennis racket frames is about 6 million pairs per year, and other sports applications include hockey sticks, ski poles, etc. Carbon fibre is also used in other marine sports such as boating and boating.

“With its stable performance and superior strength and rigidity, carbon fibre is likely to become the mainstream fibre material in the future. Carbon fibre cloth has also become a trend in the textile industry. It is especially suitable for responding to increased user load in buildings, changes in engineering use functions, material aging, concrete strength levels below the design value, structural crack treatment, service component repair in harsh environments, and reinforcement project protection,” the release added.

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