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Cipher Skin earns $1.5 M contract for BioSleeve

Jun '20
Pic: Cipher Skin
Pic: Cipher Skin
Cipher Skin, a data technology startup, earned a $1.5 million contract by the US Department of Defence, as part of the second phase of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) programme. The programme will help in the development and commercialisation of Cipher Skin’s BioSleeve in partnership with the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC).

The BioSleeve is a smart compression sleeve designed as a digital tool for physical therapists, trainers and athletes in the rehab and return-to-play process. The users can visualise, via the Digital Mirror app, real-time complex motion of their knees and arms in three dimensions, along with key metrics such as range of motion and joint angular velocity. All data is automatically stored and managed in the Digital Mirror.

Dr. Shaka Bahadu, Cipher Skin’s co-founder, said: “Physical therapists and trainers can rely on fully automated range of motion tests, with the guarantee of highly precise, objective data. With the BioSleeve, they reduce their daily administrative burden by 90 per cent and spend more valuable time with their patients. More than that, they can keep treating them through remote sessions, in the safest and most effective way.”

Cipher Skin quickly drew the AFSOC’s attention with interest from others within the US Special Operations community; the AFSOC plans to assess the BioSleeve to aide in recovery and enhanced physical training by some of the world’s most elite operators.

Bahadu specified: “On top of measuring complete range of motion, the BioSleeve will soon monitor heart rate and dynamic O2 saturation, unlocking the complex physiological processes of the body. There is no need for cameras or other bulky equipment – it’s simply clothing. This is definitely a critical tool for our soldiers, from rehab to in-the-field performance.”

With 77 per cent of all injuries within the SOF community being preventable musculoskeletal injuries, the interest from the AFSOC has been extraordinary so far. The ability to monitor variations in O2 saturation and heart rate, while in motion, through garments only – opens up a world of applications for the military. One of them is hypoxia prevention for parachutists, pilots and aircrew, a potentially deadly issue faced by military personnel.

The technology is based on a patented conductive grid that can be embedded into any garment and integrated with a diverse array of sensors. This unique flexible lattice enables the sensors to conform around the whole body for more accurate measurements.

Bahadu said: “We feel honoured by this unique opportunity to help improve the safety and performance of our soldiers. Within 18 months, more than 200 BioSleeves will be delivered, assessed and validated by three units of the US Special Operations during field training.”

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