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Clothing Textiles

Courtesy: Evershield
UltraTech's EverShield coating gets “eco passport”

13th Nov 2017

UltraTech International has qualified for an Eco Passport certification for its superhydrophobic fabric coating, EverShield. The certification states fabrics treated with EverShield are safe for use with clothing, blankets and other materials produced for babies and toddlers. This certification (Class I) is the highest and most stringent to receive.

Courtesy: Supreme Corporation
US firm Supreme Corporation launches new VOLT smart yarns

28th Sep 2017

Hickory, North Carolina-based high-tech textile manufacturer Supreme Corporation has claimed to have introduced VOLT smart yarns, a highly conductive yarn for advanced smart fabrics. Capable of previously unattainable high levels of conductivity on the order of 1.9 Ohms per meter, each such yarn contains up to four wires the diameter of a human hair.

The Crypton Companies acquired by Berkley Capital
The Crypton Companies acquired by Berkley Capital

5th Apr 2017

The Crypton Companies - Crypton LLC and Nanotex LLC - leading providers of performance fabrics in the contract, home furnishings and apparel markets, has been acquired by Berkley Capital, which will become majority owners of the new entity to be formed from the acquisition. The new company will continue to be headquartered in Bloomfield Hills.

FIEO proposes lab to develop technical textiles products
FIEO proposes lab to develop technical textiles products

31st Jan 2017

The head of the Southern region arm of an Indian exporter’s body proposed to set up a research laboratory, to develop value added apparel products like fire retardant and sweat absorbing clothing. This will help India increase its global market share in technical textile products, where its exports are still very low, versus traditional clothing...

Garments made from smart textiles shown at Fashiontech
Garments made from smart textiles shown at Fashiontech

20th Jan 2017

The trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens, Techtextil, which will be held from May 9-12, 2017 in the US, showed examples of the links between textiles and technology at the Fashiontech conference during the Berlin Fashion Week. Fashion garments which offer heat, illuminate and communicate; also known as smart textiles were shown at Fashion...

Courtesy: Munich Fabric
Munich Fabric Start to show latest 3D print technology: MD

6th Aug 2016

Munich Fabric Start, a bi-annual trade event that presents a vast selection of collections ranging from plains to haute couture fabrics and accessories, to be held in Germany, from August 30 to September 1, 2016 will display the latest trends in 3D print technology in the German apparel market. “The portfolio of fabrics, additional, and services at...

SDL Atlas unveils new PnuBurst elastic fabric tester
SDL Atlas unveils new PnuBurst elastic fabric tester

5th Aug 2016

SDL Atlas, the leading supplier of textile testing equipment, laboratory products, consumables, and service for the fabric, apparel, yarn, and fibre industries, has launched the next generation PnuBurst burst strength tester for fabrics.The new design comes with improved touch screen controls to make test selection and initiation much quicker and...

Courtesy: Penn state
New Clothing to neutralize toxic substances

28th Jul 2016

Imagine a day when protective suits made of fabric coated in self-healing thin films may prevent farmers from exposure to dangerous pesticides, soldiers from chemical or biological attacks in the field and factory workers from accidental releases of toxic materials! A team of researchers in America’s Pennsylvania State University is working on making...

Coolcore hires David Ludd as VP, global marketing
Coolcore hires David Ludd as VP, global marketing

26th Jul 2016

Coolcore, the global leader in chemical-free cooling fabrics, has appointed David Ludd as vice president of global marketing, effective June 20, 2016. Ludd comes to Coolcore with a wealth of marketing/management experience in the footwear, apparel, and retail sectors. His background includes over 20 years of senior level marketing experience acquired...

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