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Directa Plus' Graphene Plus in more textile products
Feb '18
Courtesy: Direct Plus
Courtesy: Direct Plus
Directa Plus, a producer and supplier of graphene-based products for use in consumer and industrial markets, has two new textile collections containing its Graphene Plus (G+) – one by Colmar, the high-end sports and activewear company, and the other by Eurojersey, a producer of high quality warp-knit technical fabrics, under its Sensitive Fabrics brand.

Both collections were unveiled at ISPO 2018, the sport and sportswear international trade fair held in Munich.

The launch of the Ski Winter 2018/19 collection marks Colmar’s third winter range with Directa Plus. The new collection has 31 garments incorporating G+, including male and female ski jackets and, for the first time, graphene-enhanced ski trousers. It follows the commercial success of two previous ski collections, with last year’s collection including the Technologic G+ ski jacket that received the Gold award in the ‘Ski’ category at ISPO 2017, as well as spring/summer garments.

Eurojersey has launched its first range of G+ enhanced textiles to be marketed under its leading Sensitive Fabrics brand. The collection of high quality, warp-knit technical fabrics is designed for high performance targeting the sportswear, athleisure and underwear sectors.

Directa Plus and Eurojersey have been collaborating over the last year to conduct joint research and development. A selection of Sensitive Fabrics enhanced by G+ will be introduced to the fashion industry at the Première Vision Paris conference and exhibition during February 13-15.

The company is receiving increasing interest in G+ from the textiles industry due to its ability to sustainably produce a highly-performance fabric that is independently certified as non-toxic, non-cytotoxic and hypoallergenic for human skin. The inclusion of G+ in textiles leads to a technologically-advanced fabric with unique thermal features: homogeneous distribution of heat produced by the human body in cold weather and heat dispersion effect in hot weather. G+ also provides the fabric with a bacteriostatic effect that enhances hygiene and anti-odour features, which is particularly relevant for sportswear and garments that are in contact with the body. The result is enhanced comfort for the wearer.

Giulio Cesareo, chief executive officer of Directa Plus, said: “Colmar and Eurojersey are two partners with which we have developed deep, strong relationships, based on our shared passion for innovation and sustainability. It is therefore extremely pleasing to see both companies launch new collections incorporating Graphene Plus. The considerable interest we received at ISPO for our graphene-based products is testament to the high-performance qualities that they bring to garments, which are enjoyed by professionals and sports enthusiasts alike. We look forward to expanding our existing relationships and establishing new partnerships with global companies as we continue to enhance our position in the textiles market.” (SV)

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