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Dony Garment makes name as top protective clothing brand

Sep '20
Pic: EINPresswire/Dony Garments
Pic: EINPresswire/Dony Garments
Dony Garment, a global exporter of protective clothing and face masks that meet multiple global standards, is getting international recognition and is becoming Vietnam’s face of high-quality garment manufacturing. Established in Vietnam, Dony Garment specialises in producing by order clothes, uniforms, and workwear for domestic and overseas companies.

The company is already in the business of fabricating uniforms and a variety of garment products on-demand order, but the mass production of protective clothing and premium quality face masks amidst COVID-19 has brought one of Vietnam’s biggest garment manufacturers into international news light. While Dony Garment is directing its 5 per cent income to social welfare just like its donation of 100,000 face masks to the US, the company is being featured on Financial Times as ‘Dony Garment thrives’, according to a press release by Dory Garment.

As the pandemic and crises both rose earlier this year, a bunch of worldwide PPE manufacturers emerged to meet the market demand, but the deep-seated concern in countries was the quality of equipment, and that is where Dony Garment soars high. Excelling to standards of FDA in America, REACH in Germany, DGA in France, and CE in Europe, Dony Garment is second to none in reaching the pinnacle of quality in conjunction with compatibility, comfort-ability, and reliability.

The three-ply face mask developed through closed sterilisation technology by Dony Garment is reusable. The Antimicrobial Cotton used in the face mask not only fights the spread of the coronavirus but comes with the added feature of protection against UV light. The anti-droplet face mask is 99.9 per cent effective against the spread of the virus. The boldest feature of the Dony face mask is that its breathing resistance is human friendly, allowing free breathing without any suffocation and discomfort. Aside from meeting medical standards, its dominance in the world market is also because of its eco-friendly, skin-friendly, and economical dynamics.

After the pandemic broke out, the company started receiving local orders for protective clothing and masks but soon by the virtue of its top quality, it gained access to six continents and mass consumers like the USA, Australia, and Europe. Owning to the fact that China was the first victim of COVID 19, many of the consumers are reluctant to book PPEs and masks from China, the Dony Garment (Vietnam) emerged as the best alternative. Booking mega shipments for worldwide exports, while ascending on the ladder of quality every day, has been the hallmark of Dony Garment.

PPE is another domain where Dony Garment has excelled tremendously to save the world. Vietnam’s leading company is fabricating protective overall and isolation gown as two separate products to help equip the health workers across the globe. The PPEs produced by Dony Garment are also certified and standardised following the laid down prescriptions.

The use of PPEs according to the description provided by the manufacturer, can prove pivotal in the fight against not just the COVID but other transferable diseases and undesirable content. The overall shields the virus 360, but the design and the fabric do not restrict movement nor hinder in the comfort of the individual. The material of the PPE is lightweight and thus breathable. The elasticity, zipper, and shoe cover makes it an ultimate choice for protection while adding no strain or stress in the body during long working hours.

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