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Duvaltex launches highly innovative protective face mask

Jul '20
Pic: Duvaltex
Pic: Duvaltex
Duvaltex, a North American leader in the development and production of medical and technical textiles, has announced the launch of a highly innovative, non-medical protective face mask. Using a unique 3D-knit technology, the new X7 mask provides maximum comfort while minimising the risk of contamination and transmission of viruses, such as Covid-19. 
This mask contributes to sustainability by being machine washable and reusable, and is made entirely in the United States at Duvaltex's facility in Grand Rapids, MI.
“We are continuing to leverage our extensive experience in the development and production of medical and technical textiles for the healthcare industry to help protect people and limit the spread of viruses, such as Covid-19,” Alain Duval, chief executive officer of Duvaltex, said in a press release. “We have made significant investments in new equipment at our plant in Michigan, developed special anti-microbial textiles, and used unique 3D-knit technology to bring these innovative masks to market in record time. All of our employees are proud to be contributing to the protection of Americans in today's new reality by preventing the spread of viruses.”
The X7 protective mask was developed by Duvaltex's Knit Innovations center of excellence in Grand Rapids. Designed for all-day use, its air-chamber 3D-knit design ensures it fits the face perfectly and allows air to circulate freely, making it easy to breathe and limiting condensation. The mask features specifically engineered yarns that resist odour and combat microbe-causing bacteria for an additional level of protection. The yarns also allow the mask to be washed with a bleaching solution while preserving its colour and shape. 
Duvaltex made substantial investments in new 3D knitting equipment at its Grand Rapids facility to provide it with the capacity to produce millions of X7 masks. It also bolstered the facility's 3D knitting technology capabilities with a view to producing advanced products for a range of other applications, both medical and otherwise. 
“In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, the technology allows us to eliminate waste in the production process and ensures our products are reusable, protecting our planet for future generations,” Duval said. He added that with the promising growth prospects supported by 3D-knit technology and the unique expertise of its Grand Rapids knit team, Duvaltex is confident about bringing more innovative products to market.

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